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Barn Building

There is a great story in Luke 12:13-22 that Jesus tells us.  Of course we don’t know if it is actually a parable or a true story, but the fact remains it was given to us for our instruction.  The story is great in-so-much as… Read More

ACBC Pre-Conference

At this year’s ACBC conference, Vision of Hope had the privilege of having a video testimony of one of our graduates featured during the Pre-Conference. The topic of the Pre-Conference at ACBC was entitled ”Counseling and Medical Issues.” We are grateful the Lord chose to use one of our… Read More

Sunday School Preview: December 7, 2014

God has provided Jesus as "God with us." Therefore, we are responsible to obey His Word and praise His name. Check out some thoughts about our upcoming lesson from Matthew 1--"The King is Born." Read More
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