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ABF Series: 1 Samuel – Lesson 17

Review In our Adult Bible Fellowships we have observed in our Study of 1 Samuel that God is sovereignly protecting and guiding David, and providing lasting encouragement. Also we learned: Be prepared to give and receive biblical encouragement that focuses on the character of God… Read More

Interview: Mr. Trent Herron, Kindergarten Teacher

Q: How long have you been teaching kindergarten at FCS? A: 7 years Q: How did you end up at FCS? A: Ultimately God sovereignly moved my family and I here 7 years ago. I have been impacted by many parents and students. I have… Read More

Faith Church Member Covenant: Staying Plugged In

We are excited to continue digging into the aspects of the Faith Church Member Covenant. The point of this blog series is to be reminded how the Lord calls us to live as a body of believers, and examine how that would play out in… Read More
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