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Race for Hope Extreme – UK: Part 2

In part 1 of this series, one of our precious graduates, Sophie, began sharing about her own version of the Race for Hope 2016. Her adventure took place in the United Kingdom and she wrote about how God used it in her life in a… Read More

Faith Kids @ Home : June 26, 2016

The following lesson was taught in our children’s Sunday School classes on Sunday, June 26. We would encourage you to use the ideas below to review Sunday’s lesson with your family. Jesus Teaches the Parable of the Sower Passage: Matthew 13:1–23 Principle: People respond differently… Read More

ABF Series: 1 Samuel – Lesson 25

Review In our Adult Bible Fellowships we have observed in our Study of 1 Samuel how God’s honor is most important and how God will fulfill His word, even if it means the humbling of His people and the temporary celebration of His enemies. The… Read More
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