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ABF Series: Revelation Lesson 4

Review In our Adult Bible Fellowships we have observed in Revelation that: We are to read Revelation as a complete narrative. The book was written to give hope, comfort, and purpose to persevere. Jesus is the Hero of the book. We also observed the message… Read More

Human Trafficking: Hidden in Plain Sight (AIG)

After spending much time researching the topic of human trafficking, I continue to be struck by the pervasiveness of this problem that seems to be hidden in our plain sight. It is a very wicked aspect in our world today. With Faith Church’s continuing desire… Read More

Because He is Faithful: Emily’s Story!

We hope so far you have been encouraged to read the testimonies of some of our newest interns. We are so blessed by each of our interns, and it has been exciting to get to know them and see God working in their lives already!… Read More
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