Housing Covenant and Philosophy of Ministry Housing


Philosophy of Ministry Housing

Faith West is a ministry of Faith Church of Lafayette. Faith West seeks to serve members of the Lafayette and West Lafayette Community, Purdue Students, Faith Bible Seminary Students, Vision of Hope (VOH) participants, missionaries of the Church, and others from the community that are seeking ministry housing through Faith Church. The Faith West Housing Community members promise to encourage and exhort one another and to seek counsel when appropriate from the Church’s leadership or other qualified spiritual mentors.  As delineated in this document, members are committed to following a faithful lifestyle that is to be growing in godliness as defined in the Christian Scriptures. Faith West Ministry Housing seeks to provide a safe, secure, and nurturing environment so that each resident’s relationship with Christ is actively cultivated by living at Faith West.  Residents of Faith West Ministry Housing are expected to be individuals seeking a place where they can live out their faith and take advantage of a full cluster of community ministries that Faith West offers.

Lifestyle Covenant

In accordance with the Philosophy of Ministry Housing Statement set forth above, following a faithful lifestyle includes growing in the practice of the Christian spiritual disciplines of Bible study, prayer, fellowship, worship, and service to others. Also, Resident strives to avoid behaviors that could detract from spiritual growth of Resident or other residents at Faith West. These behaviors include but are not limited to

  • The use of abusive, destructive, and vulgar speech
  • Addictions to any kind of substance, activities or relationships
  • Participation in sexual relationships outside of heterosexual marriage
  • The viewing of pornographic or indecent media
  • The use or possession of any alcoholic beverages, tobacco, or illegal drugs while on Faith West properties
  • Dressing immodestly on the premises of Faith West

Resident agrees to not enter Faith West under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  Resident also agrees to abide by all applicable rules and policies established by Faith Christian Fellowship, Faith West Properties Inc, or Faith Church relating to the use or occupancy of the Facility or to Faith West.

Additional Policies

The Philosophy of Ministry Housing and the Lifestyle Covenant are portions of the Faith Christian Fellowship Ministry Housing Agreement, included as part of the application. 

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