Serving at the Hub
Reaching the hearts and lives of our youth for Christ

Thank you for your interest in serving at the Hartford Hub. The Hub serves youth of all ages M-F from 3:00-6:30pm. Volunteers build relationships with the youth, organize and implement activities, and support the shift leader in his implementation of loving discipline.

Roles & Responsibilites

HUB Schedule

HUB Schedule

  • 3:00 Hub opens – Students check in when they arrive
  • 3:00 – 5:30 Drop in center options. Play games, ask for help with homework. Snacks. Organized fun.
  • 5:00: Challenge time called 5 @ 5 (5 minutes at 5:00)
  • 5:30 – 6:00: Optional homework time. Students go to homework area.
  • 5:30 – 6:30: Those not doing homework can continue to play.
  • 6:30: HUB closes
  • *HUB CLUB on Thursday night 6:00 – 7:00

Expectations & Guidelines for Homework Time

  • During homework time students will be asked to put phones away so as not to be a distraction.
  • Students will sit at the tables and chairs.
  • Homework time should be quiet unless a student is asking a leader for help.
  • NO FOOD or DRINKS are allowed upstairs during Homework Help class.
  • Headphones are not allowed during Homework Help class.
  • Students can use homework time to read if they do not have homework.
Hub Shift Leader Job Responsibilities


  • Implement schedule for all evening activities.
  • Oversee HW Time. Assist HW helpers by maintaining order and ensuring rules are followed as laid out in HW Time Rules.
  • Help evening volunteers organize games and activities to keep kids occupied and productive.
  • Fill out appropriate reports (new student forms, discipline notes, attendance, etc.)

Lovingly Discipline

  • Build relationships with the kids. Earn a right to speak into their lives.
  • Ultimately responsible for all discipline cases at Hub. The HUB shift leader has the authority do dismiss a student for disobedience. The Shift leader can implement a break for the disobedient student coming to the HUB.
  • Maintain good relationships with parents and work with them when discipline escalates.
  • Check previous day’s Shift Report and follow through on any consequences.
  • Be familiar with Hub rules and regularly encourage kids to follow rules to prevent future discipline cases.
  • Help new volunteers learn the ropes.

Maintain Facility

  • Oversee nightly cleaning. Ensure facility is cleaned before leaving. Volunteers and students can be asked to help.
  • Make sure facility is secure upon when finished with shift. Lock all three doors (check side door to ensure the latch is not stuck. Leave porch lights on.
Hub Servant Responsibilities

Build Up Shift Leader

  • Assist in carrying out shift leader’s vision for evening activities. This includes helping with and/or facilitating HW time, snack, bible study, and post-HW programming.
  • Regularly remind kids of rules and biblical reasons for rules.
  • Look for opportunities to build kids up when they obey.
  • Lovingly correct and instruct when kids break rules.
  • For repeated or large offenses (e.g. fighting, bullying), bring situation to shift leader.

Love the Kids

  • Build relationships with the kids. Earn a right to speak into their lives.
  • Actively seek to involve kids in structured activities. Consider beforehand what materials you could bring to facilitate activities. Show initiative.
  • Seek to build godly character, knowing that you will be influencing the kids through your conduct.
  • Regularly look for ways to love kids in the best way imaginable: by sharing the gospel and showing them the hope available in Christ.

Tutor (If volunteering during HW time)

  • Facilitate HW Time.
  • Actively work with kids to make sure they have completed daily HW. Work one-on-one if possible, to answer questions and help kids improve their skills.
  • When student complete HW help them find appropriate level reading books.
  • If short-handed, you might need to spend more time simply making sure HW time is completed in an orderly fashion.
Hartford Hub Rules

Rules for kids while at the HUB

This list of rules will be posted at the HUB for all students and parents to see.

  1. Have Fun!
  2. Obey the adults while at the HUB.
  3. Please help keep the HUB clean by placing your trash in the garbage cans.
  4. No fighting. If you need help find an adult.
  5. No food outside the large room/kitchen area unless give permission No swearing or foul language.
  6. Be nice to everyone.
  7. Do not enter the HUB office, closets or kitchen area unless permission is given by an adult.
  8. If you play with toys or games put them away when finished.
  9. Everyone at the HUB at 5:00 please gather for 5 minutes for 5@5 Have Fun!

Foundational Bible Passage

2 Corinthians 5:9 “So we make it our goal to please him, whether we are at home in the body or away from it.”

Goal of Shift

To Create a Safe Space where Christ is Modeled.

Think of Others as More Important than Yourself

Philippians 2:3-4 “Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves, not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.”

  • Always share and be kind
  • Take turns
  • No hitting or throwing things at one another
  • If you are sick, rest at home

Be a Good Steward (Matthew 25:14-30)

  • All items are to be cared for with respect
  • Clean up your mess and leave every area better than you found it
  • No eating or drinking (except water) in the Hub, except for special events
  • Do not climb or stand on the furniture
  • Hartford Hub items are to stay inside the Hub (unless you have checked it out)
  • Everybody picks up at 8:00pm
  • Leave mulch in the mulch bed

Obey the Leaders (Romans 13:1)

  • Leaders will never “count down”, because they expect everyone to “obey right away”
  • Do not open any door (besides the front/side door and bathroom) without permission
  • No bouncing or throwing any balls or items in the Hub
  • Only one person in the bathroom at a time
  • Do not open any cabinet drawers or the fridge without permission
  • Do not touch the ice dispenser on the fridge
  • Don’t touch the tv or any of the windows (unless you are cleaning them) – if you smudge it, you clean it
  • No running inside the Hartford Hub
  • You must be wearing a shirt if you are in the Hub
  • No playing in the street unless it is officially blocked off
  • No hanging on the basketball rim

Always Use Respectful Language (Ephesians 4:29)

  • No screaming or yelling inside
  • No name calling, profanity, course gesturing or inappropriate/aggressive touching
  • Only leaders can play or choose audible music
  • Racially explicit language or derogatory name calling is strictly forbidden

Parents are encouraged to reach out with any questions or concerns – (765)-449-3760 ext. 1407

Discipline At The Hartford Hub

Key Principles

  • Discipline is to never be done out of anger because you are inconvenienced or disrespected. It is to be done in love for the child and in his/her best interests. (James 1:20)
  • Discipline is to be dealt with in a private way if possible. (Matthew 18)
  • Never be in a room out of sight from others
  • There should be no physical contact in these situations
  • Every interaction should be for the purpose of glorifying God by making disciples – in essence we are all about the Gospel even in discipline.

Discipline Process

  • Speak to the child about the offense. Remind them of the Hartford Hub rules, ask them to walk according to the rules.
  • Show the student the posted rules.
  • If the child continues to act outside of the Hartford Hub rules, bring the child to the shift leader. The shift leader should then have a similar conversation in the office. He should use Scripture or Scriptural principles to help the child understand.
  • Lay out the path of repentance.
    • Ask for forgiveness from anyone offended including God

Process for a volunteer to follow in the event of a fight at the Hub

  • Immediately break up the fight if physically possible. Also, separate the kids involved in the fight. If not ok with breaking it up, immediately call for the shift leader.
  • Call for other volunteers to help break up if needed
  • As soon as possible call for the shift leader
  • Relay the story to the shift leader
  • At that point the shift leader should take responsibility for the situation

Process for a shift leader in the event of a fight at the Hub

  • Listen to the stories of each party involved in the fight
  • Assess the situation and for anyone who is at fault. Send everyone involved home for the day to diffuse the situation.
  • Call the parents
    • The child cannot come back until a conversation has occurred with the parents. Thus, if they do not answer or it is an outdated phone number, the child will continue to be sent home upon arrival until the parent responds or updates their contact information.
  • Lay out the path of repentance
    • Ask for forgiveness from both God and the person you offended
Policy for Walking/Driving Kids Home

It is never your responsibility to walk (or drive) kids’ home. Their parents should make these arrangements.

If you would like to and are able, then:

  • Make sure home is in neighborhood (3 square blocks).
  • Don't go alone. Either have multiple kids or multiple adults.
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