Ways to Give

Charitable contributions to the Faith Legacy Foundation are always welcome. Many of the giving options listed below provide tax deduction and tax credit benefits.

Common Giving Options

Stock or securities: It is almost always more tax-wise to contribute stock than giving cash. Donating stock, mutual funds, or appreciated securities can help you avoid paying capital gains tax along with receiving a charitable deduction on the market value of the gift.

Real estate: By making a gift of appreciated property you avoid capital gains tax and at the same time receive a charitable deduction.

Cash assets: There’s no easier way to support Faith and receive a deduction than to write a check!

Bequests: We hope you will consider a percentage remainder charitable bequest in your will or trust – to benefit Faith and to possibly reduce estate taxes.

Other Giving Options

  • Gifts of life insurance
  • Deferred charitable gift annuities
  • Corporate matching gifts
  • Memorial gifts
Gift Annuity Program

With this gift option, FLF and the donor enter into an agreement under which FLF agrees to pay the donor or other beneficiaries a fixed income for life in exchange for a gift of cash, marketable securities, or approved real estate. The minimum gift for a charitable gift annuity is $5,000. The annuity rate is based on the age of the donor or other beneficiaries. Charitable gift annuities are issued through the Faith Legacy Foundation.


  • Portion of the annuity payment initially is tax-free
  • Portion may be taxed as capital gain if funded with appreciated property
  • Balance of the payment is taxed as ordinary income


  • Fixed annual income for life
  • Tax deduction based on the value of the assets and annuity rate
  • Reduced capital gains tax

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Where do I Begin?

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