Serve at the NCC

Below are several ways you may consider serving at the Northend Community Center and basic descriptions of the needs. The times listed are not the only times we could use help, but are times we see the greatest ministry opportunities. In any of these roles, even serving for an hour can be of great help to the team. What makes us most effective is not necessarily volume, but faithfulness. I look forward to talking about how we can help you find where you fit in serving the Northend on a regular basis. 

- Rod Hutton, Northend Community Center Director

Roles & Descriptions

Expand a section to read the description and view the times of primary need.

Playspace Host
  • Oversee safety and security in the PlaySpace to provide a welcoming and enjoyable environment by monitoring the facility, greeting and engaging with parents while their kids play and address cleanliness issues that may arise.
  • Bring your family along for this!
  • Primary Times: 10-2 pm most days plus 6-8 pm on Fridays
Gym Captain
  • Provide a presence in the gymnasium to ensure individuals and families all have the opportunity to enjoy the gym. You could join in the action or simply spend time getting to know people in the bleachers.
  • Primary Times: Friday, Sunday or Monday evenings during open gym
Northend Host
  • Engage with our Northend guests in the N-Zone, Northworks and lobby area. While helping to provide a welcoming environment for everyone, there are many regular guests who we can get to know and build relationships which can lead to greater ministry invitations and conversations.
  • Primary Times: Weeknight evenings, weekend afternoons and evenings
Northend Party/Community Room Host
  • On weekends particularly, we need assistance in greeting and guiding our guests who have rented rooms to assist them with checking in to the room, locating the needed tables and chairs as well as checking them out at the end of the event
  • Primary Times: Saturday and Sunday afternoons
Northend Greeter / Front Desk Check-in
  • Manage the Front Desk so that everyone who enters the front doors is welcomed and served. This role will also help our shift leaders to engage in the above roles while you manage the greeting and check-ins.
  • Primary Times: All throughout the day and week.
Facility Stewardship
  • We have been trusted with a wonderful facility and we can only care for it with your help. Needs include helping clean the PlaySpace (actually kinda fun too) as well as caring for the Fitness Center, Community Rooms and common areas. Choosing to serve regularly even to take care of one task makes a major difference. For example, committing to come in faithfully once per week or every two weeks for one hour to clean the Fitness Center or PlaySpace allows the shift lead to know he can count on you and apply his other resources to other parts of the facility. 
  • Primary Times: Any day 6 pm to close, but it does not have to be the whole time, even one hour can make the difference.
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