Approval Oriented Friendships

Dr. Amy Baker November 13, 2021

Overview of the Approval Oriented Friend.

Seen in Action.

Characteristics we often see in an approval oriented friend.

Others’ Experience.

From Approval Oriented to Authentic.

What it might look like not to be an approval oriented.


It is difficult, and sometimes frightening, not to have the good opinion or others.

Allowing Psalm 118 to help us take steps toward authenticity.

Vss. 1-4

Vs. 5

Vs. 6.

Vss. 7-8

Vs. 13-14

Vss. 15-17.

Vs. 25.

Vs. 29.

No longer dependent on others’ approval.

Our joy is not dependent on others’ approval, our joy finds a home in pleasing God because____________________________________________________.

We conclude that if God blesses us with the approval of men, we will thank God for it. On the other hand, if following God results in the displeasure of men, we will thank God that we have been ____________________________________________.

Giving rather than getting - desiring to give approval.

Areas where special help may be needed.

Expressing an opinion, stating a preference and making a decision.

Commitments and scheduling.

Others’ Experience.

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Dr. Amy Baker


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Dr. Baker serves as the Resource Director for Faith Church Ministry in Lafayette, IN. She is the author or co-author of over a dozen books and booklets. Dr. Baker is an ACBC certified biblical counselor; an instructor and counselor at Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries, and a Council Board member of the Biblical Counseling Coalition.