Cash Flow Planning

Dave Jones November 8, 2008

This week will be similar to last week in that we will be using approximately 30 minutes from a Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University session.

In order to reduce the original video to thirty minutes, we had to break it into four different segments. The stopping points for these sections are not always clean and Dave may get cut in mid sentence or even mid story. The main points are covered.

Because there is thirty minutes of video, there is not a lot of time for discussion. I think the videos speak for themselves, but you may want to leave time at the end for questions.

  1. Budgeting basics.

Introduce the concept of budgeting. You could say it is having a name for every dollar before you spend it.

Basically a budget is a plan.

ASK – How many have used or currently use a budget? Get a little feedback, but do not let it go to a negative view of budgeting.

  1. Reasons we should do a cash flow plan

Dave will cover these points in the video

  1. Forms

Dave will review these in the video. He mentions forms that are not included in the handout. This is OK, we included the most relevant forms for the class.

You can decide if you want to comment or debrief after each video. I am just going to click on the next video to get through the class.

IMPORTANT TRANSITION NOTE: You need to click on the video to start the video. If you just click anywhere on the slide it will advance to the next slide.

I realize that I did not have the answers for a couple of blanks from last week. I apologize for not allowing your class to have a complete handout. The answers are: The tithe is NEW TESTAMENT.

Never give with the MOTIVE of having your giving RETURNED.

Financial peace is when the Great Misunderstanding is UNDERSTOOD.

I trust that this will be a great week for you and your class in growing in their understanding of being a good steward of finances.

Dave Jones


Deacon, Teacher - Faith Church

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Dave works for human resources at Purdue University. Dave and his wife, Becky, joined Faith in 1986. He co-teaches the Ambassadors ABF as well as several FCI classes.