Colossians 4:7-18 pt 1

Dr. Steve Viars April 1, 1995 Colossians 4:7-18

- this morning we're moving into the final section of the book of
- to be honest, I'm doing this rather reluctantly--because I have
   thoroughly enjoyed -- and have been thoroughly challenged by our study
   in this great book.

- now, at first glance, it may appear that verses 7-18 are rather trivial
   and contain some minor details that can either be skipped or
   summarized quickly.

- it probably won't surprise you to learn that thats not what we're going
   to do with these verses.
     - there are some great truths here that I'll think we'll find very
        encouraging and very helpful---so we're going to take our time as
        we study.

- several writers have described these verses as a "verbal group
     - Paul mentions eight of his co-workers who have been a help to him
        in his ministry.
     - the way he describes these men is important---and what other
         passages of Scripture tells us is important as well.

- Have you ever wondered what the people who made up the early church
   were like?
- where did Paul find the kind of people who could serve as leaders of
   the many new churches that were being started?
      - there were no seminaries or Bible colleges
      - there was no pool of trained people waiting in the wings
      - yet Paul, in the power of Christ, was planting churches that were
         so effective -- that even the detractors said -- "they were
         turning the world upside down."

- one overall lesson to take away from these verses is that God's service
   is never done effectively by "lone-wolfs."
- even a man like the apostle Paul worked most effectively when he worked
   with other people.

- Warren Wiersbe noted, "the apostle Paul was not only a soul-winner, he
   was a friend-maker.
   - by Wiersbe' count, there are over a hundred named and unnamed
       associates of Paul in the book of Acts and the epistles.
   - in Romans 16, the last chapter in that book, 26 different people are

- let's quickly look at a couple of passages that go along with what
   we're saying:
      - left side of the room -- Prov. 27:17

      - right side of the room -- Eccles. 4:9-12

- INPUT - each group -- what does this passage teach us about the
   importance/value of friends in ministry?

- with this in mind -- let's look at the passage.
- READ Col. 4:7-18.

(outline from MacArthur)

I. Tychicus - The Man With a Servant's Heart

   - the first man mentioned in this passage is a man named Tychicus.
   - let's talk about what we know about this man from other passages,
       and then what we can learn from what Paul says in verses 7-8.

    A. Who he was

        1) Acts 20:4 - traveled with Paul to Jerusalem as a
             representative of Gentile believers.

           - at the end of the third missionary journey, Paul was going
              around to the Gentile churches taking up an offering for
              the Jewish believers in Jerusalem.
           - there was great need at that time, and this act of kindness
              on the part of the Gentiles would help cement their
              relationship with the Jewish believers.
                - it would also help the Jewish believers to meet some of
                   the Christians from the Gentile churches face to face.

                - one of the people selected by Paul for this task was

        2) Titus 3:12 - considered as an interim pastor for Titus.

        3) II Tim. 4:12 - sent to be an interim pastor for Timothy.

        4) Col. 4:7 - trusted to hand deliver the books of Colossians,
             Ephesians (Eph. 6:21), and probably Philemon (Col. 4:9).

INPUT - what do these details tell us about the kind of man Tychicus must
         have been?

INPUT - what can we learn from these details?  (God uses ordinary people
         in His work)

INPUT - what kind of things do churches have to do to develop these kind
          of people?

- now let's go back to what Paul says about this man in Col. 4:

    B. What he was like

        1. beloved brother
            - wouldn't it be something to have the apostle Paul consider
               you a brother that he loved, or a sister in Christ that he
            - Tychicus had won a place in Paul's heart.

        2. faithful servant

        3. fellow bond-servant

         - there are two different words used in this verse for
            servant.  (there are actually eight different ones used in
               the Scripture.)
- the first one is "diakonos" - servant - (the word from which we get the
    word deacon)
- the second one is "sundoulos" -- fellow bond servant

    - Tychicus faithfully served Paul
        - and together, they faithfully served the Lord.

    - cf. Sid Galloway's letter

- a good question for each of us to ask this morning is; "if someone who
    knew me well was going to write a statement describing me and my
    service to the Lord, what kinds of things would they say?"
     - Can you imagine a better commendation than the one Tychicus

II. Onesimus - The Man With the Sinful Past

    A. Who he was

        - runaway slave
        - INPUT - who was his master? (Philemon)
        - INPUT - what church did Philemon attend? (church at Colossee)

        - so here's a situation that can only be explained by the
          wonderful providence of God where an unbelieving slave runs
          away from a believing master
             - he runs away to the great city of Rome, probably because
                that would be an easy place to hide.
             - somehow he meets the Apostle Paul
                - Paul leads him to Christ

             - of course while Onesimus could be helpful to Paul, Paul
                knows this man has some unfinished business.
             - so along with this letter to Philemon's church, he also
                 writes a letter to Philemon

                 - read Philemon 10-17

    - now let's go back to Colossians and see the way Paul described this

    B. What he was like.

        - INPUT - How is Onesimus described in verse 10?

           1) faithful brother

           2) beloved brother

           3) "one of you"

           4) sent to report to you (the Colossians) about my affairs.

- there's some things we can definitely learn from this story:

INPUT - How is this story encouraging?
          (there's a place for everyone)

INPUT - How is this story challenging?
         (have to be able to accept and love everyone God brings into our
           church, regardless of their past.)

III. Aristarchus - The Man With a Sympathetic Heart

    "Aristarchus, my fellow prisoner, greets you"

    A. Who he was

        - this is a man who was somewhat obscure--yet when you read
          something about him--it always has to do with him "being at
          Paul's side."

        1. Acts 19:29 - seized by the rioting mob at Ephesus

           - remember when the mob was screaming, "great is the goddess
             Diana" because Paul's ministry was threatening their economy
             which was based on idol making and idol worship.
           - Acts 19:29 - "And the whole city was filled with confusion,
              and having caught Gaius and Aristarchus, men of Macedonia,
              Paul's companions in travel, they rushed with one accord
              into the theater."

           - so here's a guy who's one of Paul's companions, and all of a
              sudden he gets nabbed by the angry crowd.

        2. Acts 20:4 - accompanied Paul on his return trip to Jerusalem

        3. Acts 27:4 - accompanied Paul on his voyage to Rome

    B. What he was like

        - Paul describes Aristarchus as "his fellow prisoner"

        - it's unlikely that this man was actually a prisoner like Paul
           was---the point was, Aristarchus stayed with Paul during his
              - he shared the experience with him by staying by his side.

- we asked at the beginning of our time -- what kind of people made up
   the early church?
      - this profile is a lot different than you might expect.
          - there's nothing in the Scripture that would lead you to
             believe that this man was particularly gifted
                - he's surely not famous

          - but he was faithful.
             - he sacrificed himself to minister to Paul.

- cf. Sid Galloway's letter.

IV. The Man With The Surprising Future

    - It's very interesting that paul would mention John Mark.

    - INPUT - what do we know about him?

    A. Who he was

        1. Acts 13 - Went with Paul and Barnabus on the first missionary

        2. Acts 13:13 - deserted when the going got tough

        3. Acts 15:37-39 - became a source of friction between Paul and
             Barnabus, leaving to them splitting
        4. II Tim. 4:11 - Later requested by Paul, who said "he is
             profitable for me in the ministry"

    B. What he was like.

        - "if he come, receive him"

        - the great news about this story is that even though he had
           failed miserably at one point in his ministry
              - he changed and became a man that was profitable and able
                 to serve the Lord effectively.

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