Holy Spirit #3

Faith Church July 25, 1992

- we're studying the Holy Spirit as part of our series on
   Basic Bible truths
- this is our third lesson on this subject and I hope you've
   been here for each one of them
     - if you haven't, let me encourage you to get the tapes
     - Pastor went over some material last week that is just
         critical for our understanding of this subject
- you know, some folks who perhaps have focused on the sign
  gifts in the past have trouble with us when we say that the
  sign gifts aren't for today.
    - but often one of the reasons for that response is that
      they're not aware of the hundreds of things the Bible
      says the Holy Spirit is doing today
    - those are the kinds of things we've been studying and I
      hope every person from our class either has that
      material or gets that material and profits from it

- so far we've talked about the identity of the Holy Spirit
    - Who He is
- last week, Pastor began talking about the ministry of the
    Holy Spirit
       - what He did in the Old Testament
       - what he did during the ministry of Christ
       - what happened during the transition from the
           ministry of Christ to the church age

- today we want to talk about the ministry of the Holy Spirit
- so we're on Roman II, Letter "E:
    E. His Ministry to the lost
        - read John 16:7-11
        INPUT - what is the Holy Spirit's ministry today,
           according to these verses?
        1. reproves
            - let's look at some others passages to get a
              better idea of what that word "reprove" means
            cf. Jn. 8:46 - convince/convict
                John 8:9 - convicted
                Matt. 18:15 - tell him his fault
                INPUT - so when the Lord said, "the Holy
                  Spirit will reprove men and women", He was
                  saying the the Spirit would use His Word to
                  convict us of ways we need to change.
- now, let's think about how that would work with a person
   who doesn't know the Lord
    INPUT - what does the Spirit reprove us of?
    2. message
        a. of sin - Before we were saved, we had no concept
              of what sin really was.  We may have had some
              concept of good/evil--we might have even tried
              to be good people in some cases--but the idea
              of sin being a transgression against a Holy God
              was foreign to our minds.
                - as a result, many of us "sinned with a high
                   hand" (blatantly and at times even
                     - part of the Spirit's ministry was to
                       convict us of sin.
        b. of righteousness
            INPUT - in what way does the Holy Spirit convict
             us of "righteousness"?
             - that God is righteous - cf. Isa. - Holy,
             - that God demands righteousness - his holiness
                 is a "two edged sword"
                  - He is completely without sin--but He also
                    can not have fellowship/relationship with
                    those who are sinners
- Isa. 59:2 - Sin has separated you
from your God
             - that God provides righteousness - II Cor. 5:21
        c. of judgement to come
            - John 3:18
            - Acts 2:22, 23, 37
                   9:1-6, 16:25-31
- let's think about this from the perspective of your own
   experience for a minute
    - now everybody's different, and the circumstances
      surrounding your conversion to Christ are undoubtedly
        - it seems like folks who have held out on making the
          decision for a long period of time often times
          experience more "emotion" when they're saved
- I'm curious - (and pastor asked you to think about this
   question at the end of last week) What was it like when
   you were under conviction by the Holy Spirit before
      - How did it feel, what kinds of things were you
- so the Holy Spirit is having a definite and real and
   powerful ministry to people who don't know Christ.
- INPUT - what effect should that have on us?  (strengthen
           our resolve to talk to others about the Lord)
    - so he reproves of sin, righteousness, and judgement to
    3. Saves each one who will believe
        John 3:5 - born of the Spirit
        Titus 3:5 -
- point is - the Holy Spirit has a very important ministry to
    those who don't know Christ
- now let's move on and think about:
F. His ministry to believers
  - (BREAK up into groups--look up the following verses and
      write down in a few words what ministry the Holy Spirit
      has to believers in that passage.
       Eph. 1:13
       Eph. 4:30
       I Cor. 12:13
       I Cor. 12:11
       I Cor. 2:14 (cf. John 2:27)
       Acts 1:8
       Eph. 5:18
       Rom. 8:13-16
       II Cor. 3:17
(Come back together)
    1. Eph. 1:13 and 4:30
        - indwells us and He seals us
          INPUT - what are some of the implications of the
           fact that we are indwelled by the Spirit? (cf. I
           Cor. 6 - our bodies are His temple)
          INPUT - what are some of the implications of the
           fact that we are sealed by the Spirit?  (assurance
           of salvation)
             - cf. roof leak
             - cf. John 10:28-30
          INPUT - according to John 14:16, why does the
             Spirit seal us and indwell us?
              - to comfort us
              - to give victory and to give growth
    2. baptizes us into one body - I Cor. 12:13
        - INPUT - what are some implications of the fact that
            we are batized into the body of Christ?
                (we must keep the unity - cf. argument of I
                  Cor. 12:13)
    3. gives gifts for service - I Cor. 12:11
        - INPUT - why can't I pray for someone else's gift or
            covet someone else's gift?
    4. Illumines His Word - I Cor. 2:14, I John 2:27
    5. Empowers for witness, service, growth
        Acts 1:8
        Eph. 1:15-19
             - Is this a zap?
                 cf. James 1:25, John 13:17
    6. Fills or controls - Eph. 5:18
    7. Rom. 8:13-16 - Assures of belonging to Him by
    8. II Cor. 3:17 - Gives liberty
- INPUT - what questions should we be asking ourselves as a
           result of studying this material?
- INPUT - what are some implications of this material to the
          way we raise our children?

Faith Church