Spiritual Gifts Review

Dr. Steve Viars December 7, 2002 1 Corinthians 0:

- this morning we're completing our study on the spiritual gifts.


- we've taken the main points we've studied this fall and arranged them in the form of Jeopardy questions.
- I'm going to divide the class up into four teams...
- please select a spokesman for your team.

- since we don't have a buzzer system, we're going to rotate who goes first.
- if the first team does not know the answer, we'll go to the next one, etc.

- teachers, I intend to only have one round, with 5 categories...
- I also plan to have a graduated amount of points within each category, but with no double jeopardy questions, etc.
- you can obviously do this in a much more creative manner...

- the five categories....
1.  The Temporary Gifts
2.  Using our Gifts in Love
3.  Foundational Principles
4.  The Permanent Gifts
5.  Spiritual Gifts Potpourri

1.  The Temporary Gifts

100 - This gift was the only one mentioned in all the key passages on gifts.
Answer - What is prophecy?

200 - The ability to uniquely trust God.

Answer - What is faith?

300 - The ability to speak in such a way that the hearers received the message in their own language, though the speaker had not studied that language.

Answer - What is tongues?

400 - A vocational gift for the foundation of the church.

Answer - What are apostles?  [or apostleship]

500 - The ability to distinguish between true and false teaching.

Answer - What is discernment?


2.  Using our gifts in love

100 - The original Greek word translated love in I Cor. 13.
Answer - What is agapa?

200 - Marcothumew.

Answer - What is patient?

300 - Gives the benefit of the doubt.

Answer - What is "believes all things"?

400 - A military term which means holding a vital position at all costs.

Answer - What is "endures all things".

500 - Permanent

Answer - What is "never fails"?


3.  Foundational Principles

100 - What we were enslaved to prior to coming to Christ.
Answer - What are idols?

200 - The principle God has built into this topic beside unity.

Answer - What is diversity?

300 - The physical illustration Paul used to explain how gifts are to function in the church.

Answer - What is the human body?

400 - What uniformity will do to the body.

Answer - What is "kill it"?

500 - What church members must not do to their own gifts or the gifts of others.

Answer - What is depreciate them?


4.  The Permanent Gifts

100 - Generous and wise with funds.
Answer - What is giving?

200 - Help and serve others.

Answer - What is helps?

300 - Stimulates others to grow, especially by appealing to the will.

Answer - What is exhortation?

400 - Organization.

Answer - What is administration?

500 - Special skills in relieving distress, misery, pain, and anxiety.

Answer - What is mercy?


5.  Spiritual Gifts Potpourri

100 - The three "sames" of I Corinthians 12.
Answer - What is the same Spirit, the same Lord, and the same God?

200 - What you are if you exercise gifts without love.

Answer - What is nothing?

300 - What Paul said would happen to tongues.

Answer - What is cease?

400 - What Paul said would happen to prophecy and knowledge.

Answer - What is will be done away?

500 - What a person should sing in beside the mind.

Answer - What is the spirit?

Dr. Steve Viars


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