Basic Truths: Assurance of Salvation - Why People Have Doubts #2

Faith Church September 21, 1991


- we're in a new series entitled "Basic Bible Truths"

- there are certain concepts from the Word of God that

  believer needs to know and we want to spend the next series

  of weeks thinking about those truths and how they should be

  helping us to change and grow

- (encourage faithfulness - invite others - great time to

   invite guests)


- last week we started talking about "Assurance of salvation"

- the Bible makes it clear that:

     - God wants you to be saved

     - God wants you to know for sure that you're saved


- we said that a person needs to have assurance of salvation

   in three ways:

      - historically (develop)

      - theologically

      - experientially


- today we're going to look at some theological problems that

  result in a person doubting their salvation


I. Confusion Over The Doctrine of Eternal Security


    A. The basic question


        - Can a saved person ever be lost?


        - Issue is not:


           1) Are all who profess to be saved really saved?


               - James 2:14-20


           2) Do all who perform Christian service really



               - Jesus - Luke 7:21-23


           3) Do Christians ever backslide?


               - though God's plan and desire for believers

                 is ongoing change and growth, there are

                 clearly examples in Scripture where His

                 children committed sin and did not lose

                 their salvation.

               - cf. David, Peter


        - point - its important that we understand the

            question before we examine what the Bible says.

            We're asking- Can a saved person have revolked in

            him all the work of God in salvation?


        - answer to that question is "Absolutely not!". What

          I'd like us to see as we go through this study is

          that the doctrine of Eternal Security is not a one

          or two verse doctrine. There is a watershed of

          biblical evidence to show that once a person is

          saved, he can never be lost.

- I'd like us to think about this question by sampling the

   passages that discuss all that God does in salvation and

   then ask: "Does God renege on all the promises He's made

   and work He's done?"


(teachers - this outline is based on theology notes from

  Chuck Smith - a former professor at Grace Seminary)


    B. What the Scripture says about eternal security


        1. reasons especially related to our Heavenly Father


            a. his purpose


                Rom. 8:28-31 - "If God be for us, who can be

                   against us?


                Eph. 1:11-12 - According to the purpose of

                   Him who works all things according to the

                   counsel of his own will that we should be

                   to the praise of His glory...


                I Cor. 1:8-9 - Who shall also confirm you

                   unto the end, blameless unto the day of

                   our Lord Jesus Christ...


                 - point - The Scriptures speak clearly about

                    God's purpose in salvation.  A person who

                    believes that Christians lose their

                    salvation would have to also conclude

                    that God does not do what He said He

                    would do in the lives of the individuals

                    in question.


            b. His power


                Jude 24 - Now unto Him who is able to keep

                  you from falling and to present you



                I Peter 1:3-5 - ...into an inheritance which

                  can never perish, spoil, or fade--kept in

                  heaven for you who through faith are being

                  shielded by God's power...


                Phil. 1:6 - Being confident of this very



                John 10:27-29 - one is able to seize

                 them out of my Father's hand...


            c.  His love


                Rom. 8:35-39 - Who shall separate us from the

                  love of God...


                Eph. 1:4-5 - In love having predestined us...


            d. His relationship to the Son


              John 17:10-11 - "Holy Father, keep through

              thine own name those whom thou hast given me...

        2. Reasons especially related to Jesus Christ


           a. His death


              Rom. 8:1 - Therefore, there is now no

                condemnation for those who are in Jesus



                 - cf. also verse 34


              Heb. 10:14 - For by one offering He hath

                perfected forever those who are sanctified


            b. His resurrection


               Rom. 4:24-25 - ...He who was delivered for our

                  sins and was raised for our justification


            c. His life


               (if His death was able to save you, how much

                 more is His life able to keep you)


               Rom. 5:8-10 - how much more, having been

                 reconciled, shall we be saved by His life?


               I John 2:1 - If anyone sins, we have an

                  advocate with the Father


               Heb. 7:25 - He is able to save to the

                  uttermost (forever) those who come to God

                  through Him, since He is always living to

                  intercede for them


            d. His promises


               John 5:24 - he who hears my word and believes

                  Him who sent me has eternal life and will

                  not come into judgement


        3. Reasons especially related to the Holy Spirit


           a. His sealing


              Eph. 1:13, 4:30


           b. His indwelling ministries


              I Cor. 6:19-20


              John 14:16 - ...that He may abide with you



        4. other reasons


           a. the believers regeneration


              II Cor. 5:17

              I Peter 1:23




           b. the believer's complete justification


               Acts 13:38-39 - justified from all things


            c. the believer's union with Christ


               Eph. 2:6

               Col. 3:3

               Rom. 6:4-5


               - because of our union with Christ, we could

                 only fall and lose our salvation if Christ

                 could lose His!


    C. Supposed "problem" passages


        - (teachers - emphasize principles of hermeneutics



        1. I John 3:9 vs. I John 1:9


        2. Hebrews 6:6





        3. Phil. 2:12 - cf. context


        4. Rev. 21:8 - vs. context and Eph. 2:1-10


- overall point - some individuals doubt their salvation

   because of a theological misunderstanding about eternal



- INPUT - we've spent a lot of time developing this

     particular doctrine. How should these ideas affect our

     growth in Christ?




II. Confusion Over The Degree of Faith, Sincerity, Humility,



    A. The problem


    - some folks doubt their salvation with questions like:


        - Was I really sincere, did I have enough faith, etc.



    B. Principles


        1. Jesus describes salvation as "childlike faith"


        2. the other side - no all "professors" are genuinely



            - goes back to two points we made last week


                1) Don't have a works orientation - (possible

                   to overemphasize the Did I do it right


                2) Determine what you're trusting in today


                   - diagnostic questions don't just apply to

                     something in the past - they can be used

                     diagnostically about what you're

                     trusting now.


- point - person struggling with these kinds of questions has

    some theology to straighten up.  "It's not the degree of

    faith, but the object of faith that counts."


III. Wrong Ideas Of Forgiveness


    A. I can confess all my sins and be saved


        - no one can remember even a fraction of their sins



    B. I must forgive God, self, feel forgiven

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