Basic Truths: Witnessing #2

Faith Church June 14, 1992


- we've been talking about communication and how to use our

   tongues the last several weeks


- Let's think about a couple of questions just to get our

  minds heading down the "communication trail" this morning


INPUT - What are some wrong uses of the tongue, lips, speech?

   (lying, attacking, cutting down, name calling, gossip,

    slander, foul jokes, attacking marriage, attacking

    people, attacking God's name, bodily functions, tale-

    bearing, not part of the solution, words that engender

    strife, hinder communication, bite & devour, words that

    are untimely)


INPUT - What are some right uses of the tongue, lips, speech?

   (prayer, praise of God and others, truth, encourage, draw

    out a matter, wise counsel, timely words, defusing words,

    edifying words, loving words, thanksgiving words,



- we're talking about witnessing in this section of our

   study--using our tongues to tell others about Jesus



- last week we talked about some reasons why we should

  witness. INPUT?  (commanded, commended, reality of hell,

  condition of unsaved man, our Lord deserves the glory from

  the lives of people won to Him)


- because of time last week, we didn't get to develop the

  point about "the condition of unsaved man."

- I've asked Brian/Kevin to take a few minutes and do that

  for us this morning


         - INPUT - if we're not thinking biblically about the

            condition of unsaved men and women, what are some

            wrong conclusions we might be tempted to draw?


        - let's think about what God's Word says concerning

          the condition of those who don't know Christ as

          Savior and Lord.


        a. lost - Luke 19:10


        b. condemned - John 3:18


        c. under God's wrath - John 3:36


        d. blind - II Cor. 4:3-4


        e. dead - Eph. 2:1


        f. child of the devil - John 8:44


        g. hopeless - Eph. 2:12


        h. under the mastery of sin and Satan - Isa. 64:6,

             Eph. 2:2

- What we want to talk about next is:


I. What Are Some Reasons Why We Do Not Witness?


    A. Love of approval, respect, prestige


        1. Our Lord has made it clear that those who carry

           His message will receive universal approval.


Neighbor nudge

  1) Ask them to divide in small groups of 4-6 people - (be

        sure no one is left out)


  2) Study one of the following passages and then

     discuss/answer the following three questions:


      a. What kind of treatment were the disciples in this

         passage receiving (or told to expect to receive)?



      b. How might this kind of treatment "look" today in

         contemporary society?



      c. What might be true of a Christian today who reports

         that no one in their life treats them (or has ever

         treated them) in a way similar to what is described

         in this passage?


            Matt. 10:24-25 - ...  if they have called the

              master of the house Beelzebub, how much more

              shall they call them of his household?


            John 15:17-20 - ... but you are not of the world,

              but I have chosen you out of the world,

              therefore the world hateth you.


            Acts 4:18-29 - (this was true of those involved

             in the founding of the church)


        2. Our Lord has called believers to live for Him,

            even when this involves loss of approval, etc.


            Luke 9:23-26 - If any man will come after me, let

             him deny himself, and take up his cross daily,

             and follow me.


        3. Failure in this area is often a result of fear.


            Prov. 29:25


            INPUT - What kinds of fear might prevent us from

              witnessing?  (ridicule, scorn, loss of




        4. This issue is fundamentally an issue of the heart.


            Matt. 15:17-19




    B. "Unadorning" lifestyle


        Titus 2:10 - adorn the doctrine of God


          - Some folks don't tell others about Christ because

             they haven't been growing and living a godly

             life in front of that person.


          - INPUT - Is that a legitimate excuse? What should

              a person in that position do?  (Ask

              forgiveness, witness, change)


        INPUT - can you think of other passages of Scripture

          that "connect" the ideas of witnessing and a godly

          life?  (I Peter 2:12, 3:15-17)


    C. Fear of failure


        - let's develop this idea of the fear of failure some


        - often when we have this fear, we are being

          motivated by the wrong things.


        - Is witnessing a failure if the person doesn't

          accept Christ as Savior?


        - This idea needs to "balance off" some of the things

           we presented in the introduction last week

           concerning "Reasons we should witness"


            - We really need to divide those thoughts into

              primary and secondary motivations.


            - "Primary motivations" being ones that can be

               satisfied even if the person doesn't make a


                 - INPUT - Which ones? (commanded, commended,

                     compassion, care for others)


                     - the other reasons are important, but

                       we ought not to translate a reason

                       like "condition of the unsaved in

                       hell" into a thought like "I must

                       rescue so and so from hell"

                         - otherwise you'll be discouraged if

                           that person doesn't make a


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