Basic Truths: Witnessing #4

Faith Church June 27, 1992


- we're talking about using our tongues to tell others about

    the Lord

- last week we said that one of the most effective ways to

   tell others about Christ was to simply share our testimony


   - "testimony" - using the story of your personal salvation

      to convey the biblical truth of the gospel


      - we wanted to be sure that we understand the

        relationship between our testimonies and the Bible


          - What is that relationship?  (not one instead of

              the other)


- last week we assigned some homework. INPUT? (write out your

     testimony) Did you do that?


    - I've asked a couple of our class members to share

        their's with us.







- Let me ask you - Did you take time to write your testimony

    out this week?  (many involved in VBS - may have to take

    another week)

      - but are you serious about growing in this area?

      - are you serious about using the witnessing

           opportunities God gives you even this summer?


- Parable of the Fishless Fishermen



 - today we're going to look at a simple way to share the

   essential points of the gospel



(hand out bridge tracts)


- we're talking about the "Bridge to Life"

   - this is a tract put out by the Navigators that has been

     used for many years as a "simple and organized way of

     explaining to someone how to be saved."


- we probably need to make a coupld comments about this plan

  right from the outset.


  1) Praise the Lord that the salvation plan can be presented

     in a simple and organized way.


        - thats not the way I would have desgned it.

        - If I were the Lord, you would have to take the

           hardest test you ever took in your life.

             - a cross between the CPA exam, medical boards.

               PE license, and any other hard test you can

               think of


        - but God did not design salvation to be based on the

          wisdom of man, or the fortitude of man

            - point is - we ought to praise the Lord that the

                 salvation story can be told so easily.





  2) We don't have to use this plan, but we do have to have a



      I Peter 3:15 - (READ)


          cf. girl in Elkhart - grandpa dying


I. God Created Man For His Fellowship, Praise, and Glory


    - INPUT - why is it so important to begin a presentation

        of the gospel with a discussion of Who God is?

          (because folks have such distorted views)


    - INPUT - like what?


        - cross between Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny

        - the "man upstairs"

        - mean man with hammer in hand poised and ready to

            smash you when you mess up.


    - we need to be able to show folks from the Scripture Who

      God is and that begins with talking about why He

      created man.


    A. Gen. 3:8 - God walked with Adam and Eve in the cool of

                  the day


        - not that He was lonely, or that He needed man

            - but our Lord created within man the need for

              fellowship with Him

                - our Lord is pleased when that fellowship

                   takes place


    B. Isa. 43:7 - to glorify Him



    C. Rev. 4:11 - praise



        - this is all a development of the first sentence in

          the booklet.


        - I'm not saying you should go through each of these

          verses with the person--

            the summary thought is this:


            - God has created man for fellowship, glory, and

              praise--and He's prepared a place where that

              fellowship, glory, and praise can be perfect--

              it called heaven.


                Rev. 21:3-4


- but there's a problem


II. Man Is Separated From God and His Love


    I Tim. 2:5 - READ


        - the verse teaches that God and man are separated

           - God is one side and we are on the other


        - the word "mediator" in that verse is an important


        - literally means "arbitrator"


        - some of you know what an arbitrator is

            - you've been involved in a dispute bewteen labor

              and management (or labor and the owners)


            - you know that an arbitrator is only called in

              when there are two clear sides that cannot get



- and that's the case between men and God

    - Man is separated from God and his love


III. This Separation is Because of Sin


    - Rom. 3:23 - all have sinned and come short of the glory

          of God


    - Rom. 3:10 - There is none righteous, no not one


    - Isa. 53:6 - All we like sheep have gone astray


    - Isa. 59:2 - Your iniquities have separated you from

           your God


    - it's going to very important for us to get this message

        accross because of the world's wrong view of sin


           - something to be laughed at

           - everybody's doing it so it's okay

           - the benefit outweighs the punishment

           - God will just overlook it in the end


IV. This Seapartion Leads To Death and Judgement


    - Heb. 9:27 - it is appointed unto man once to die, and

           then the judgement


    - II Thes. 1:8-9



        - INPUT - misconceptions about hell?



        - a person can believe what they want, but their

           belief does not determine reality.


        - we must evaluate (and encourage others to evaluate)

            our beliefs with the truth of God's Word


    - Rev. 20:14-15

    - I think a good question to think about on this point



        - If your friends and loved ones don't hear it from

          you, where are they going to hear it?

            - TV?, other neighbors?, co-workers?


        - Bible says that hell is a real place of real

          judgement and real separation from God.


V. Works Cannot Bridge The Gap


    - a good question to ask when witnessing is:

         - What determines whether a person goes to heaven or


              - INPUT - how will the majority of folks answer

                   that question?  (works - cf. heavenly



        INPUT - what can you say to help people think about



                 1) Why did Jesus have to die?



                 2) swimming illus. - Rom. 3:23


    - Eph. 2:8-9


    - Titus 3:5



VI. Jesus Christ, Who Died On The Cross, Is The Way To God


    - I Peter 3:18


    - II Cor. 5:21



        - need to emphasize the "substitutionary" aspect of

           our Lord's death


        - maybe you have an illustration of where someone

          took your punishment for something you did


VII. You Must Receive Christ To Have Eternal Life


    - Rom. 10:9, 10, 13


    - John 1:12


    - illus - Judge and jury

Faith Church