Basic Truths: Witnessing #7

Faith Church July 19, 1992


- we're talking about handling objections in witnessing


- last week we talked about three objections and how we might

   address them from God's Word


    A. I don't believe the Bible

    B. Religion is a crutch

    C. There are a lot of hypocrits in the church


- also last week we broke up into groups and tried to

  brainstorm as many possible objections as we could

- I think all of were a little surprised at the length of the


     - I appreciated how hard you worked on that and it

       helped me know which direction to go today to get the

       most out of our time together.


- our goal today is to work through as many of the objections

   that were raised last week as possible.

- I probably need to say a couple of things about the list:


    1) I've combined some of the objections because they had

        a "similar ring" to them or they addressed a common


          - I thought by doing it that way we would have a

            better chance of getting through the list.


   2) We probably won't get to every one that was mentioned.

      - I tried to pull out the more prominent ones (the ones

        I thought you'd be most likely to hear)

           - but this is going to be our last week on

             objections so if I don't address one that you

             were really wondering about--feel free to jot me

             a note and we'll find a way to get that one



- there's one other thing I wanted to mention before we look

  at the specific list of objections and that is:

   - Praise the Lord that He is still in the business of

     saving people.

       - the door is not closed, its not too late.


   - we've had people, even in the last couple of weeks,

     accept Christ as Lord and Saviour.

       - that is very exciting.


       - we also have some folks that we have recently

         witnessed to who are still considering their need of

         a Savior.

           (develop - new moves cards - Scot Shelborne)






- my point is - God is still in the business of saving


     - it's possible to develop the attitude "our society is

        too sophisticated for that," or, "I've never seen it

        happen therefore it must not be happening."

- INPUT - let me ask you here - How could we correct our

    thinking process any time we might be tempted to think

    those things?"

      (Scripture is our guide, message of salvation never

        changes, our experience isn't the determinate of



- one other thing we need to say about that is:

   - as a church, we have to decide what our response is to

     the fact that the Lord is still in the business of

     saving people.

       - we could become a "John 3:16 only" kind of church

         where that's all we ever talk about.

           - where people are saved and brought into the

             church but they're not taught how to grow.

           - they're not introduced to the answers God's Word

             has for them on how to grow, change, and handle

             life's problems.


- the fact is - it's takes a lot of work on the part of the

   church body to meet all of our biblical responsibilities

   to folks who are newly saved.

     - but thats a blessed priviledge.


- so, yes--the Lord is still in the business of saving


     - that ought to:

         1) encourage us to be faithfully talking to trhose

             the Lord has placed around us.

         2) cause us to "check" whether we're doing our part

             to help others grow and change after they're




- let's begin working our way through some of the specific



    D. I've already done that.




        - use two diagnostic questions:


        1) Have you come to the place in your spiritual life

           where you know for sure that you have eternal

           life?  -- that is; do you know for sure that if

           you died today you would be on your way to



        2) If you were to die today and stand before God and

           He said to you, why should I let you into heaven,

           what would you say?


              - other answers - II Cor. 5:17 (has there been

                a change?)



    E. You're just after my money


        - there have been abuses in this area

            - (we definitely don't want to defend anyone who

                has abused this area!)


        - there were even people in Jesus' day who were "in

          it" for the money.


              - John 12:1-6  (READ) - point - Judas - "a

                  thief, who held the bag."


        - so the point is - there are people who have used

           religion to take people's money.

             - we've all heard the "horror stories" of people

               in nursing homes writing large checks to

               televangelists because there was some urgent

               crisis at "the ministry."


        - BUT, people should not lump all Christians together

           as if we're all the same, or because one person

           did something wrong, all believers are doing that.

              - that's true of any field


                 - Do you think there are any bad doctors in

                   the world? (there have been cases of

                   people practicing as doctors who didn't

                   have a degree or a license!)

                     - that doesn't stop us from going to the



- so the abuse on the part of some doesn't indict all

   believers in Christ.


- as far as our church goes, we have never asked people who

  don't know Christ for money.

   - in fact, we go out of our way to communicate just the


        - cf. the free car wash

            - dramas

            - Living Nativity


- now, we do talk about money.

   - the reason for that is - the Bible talks about the


   - there are over 700 passages in God's Word on the


   - We spend the majority of our time talking about, not how

      or what a person ought to give, but what the Bible says

      about how we USE money.

        - couples need biblical principles on how to govern

          spending, and how to make financial goals, how to

          save, etc.

            - so often when the subject comes up, it's from

              the perspective of giving practical help on how

              to use the money you have.

- now, we do talk about giving from time to time.

   - usually, out of the 156 messages you'll hear in a given

     year, we'll have one that deals with what the Bible says

     about giving.

   - I don't think anybody can justly accuse us of only being

      interested in someone's money.

- now, we wanted to handle this subject as creatively as we

   could, so we're going to have some of our class members

   role-play this next objection:


    F. Life will be a drag if I accept Christ


        Brian and Star




    G. I'm a good person


        - that's good. (If you know the person, may want to

          point out some of the good points.)


        1)  but the essential question is - who is the

            standard of goodness. - If the answer is -

           - "other people" - then I probably do pretty good.

                I can always find somebody else who's not

                doing as well as I.

            - But the standard isn't someone else--the

                standard is Jesus Christ, and the

                righteousness of God.


            - compared to God's holiness, even the best

                 person in the world is in trouble.

            - that's what Isaiah the prophet learned

                - Isaiah 6:1-8


        2) Sin is more than wicked acts.


            - sin includes what I do with my mind - Gen. 6:5


            - sin also includes "ommission" - what I should

                have done but didn't - James 4:17


        3) Compared to God's standard, we all fall short.


            - Rom. 3:23


            - swimming illus.


    H. I've got to get some things straightened out first.


        - INPUT?


        - "you're putting the cart before the horse."


        - transformation of life takes place after salvation.

           - II Cor. 5:17


        - until then - you're unable to understand the

            Scripture - II Cor. 4:4


        - also until then - you're powerless to change.

           - Eph. 1:15-19







    I. I've done too many bad things in my life




        - need to understand God's grace - Lam. 3:22-23


        - Jesus came to save sinners - Matt. 9:10-13


        - By recognizing your sin, you're "halfway to the

           kingdom!" - I Tim. 1:15


        - many people with "rough" lives have been saved


            - I Cor. 6:9-11


            - John 4 - woman at the well


    J. I need more time


        Kevin Doerr



    K. Many roads lead to heaven


        - that sounds good, but is it true?

           - somebody might say - all roads lead to Indy

              - at first, that might sound right

              - there are a lot of ways to get to Indy

                 (I65, I70, I69, I74)


              - but wait a minute (trans) - there's a lot of

                 roads that don't

                  SR26, SR24 doesn't, I94 doesn't - a lot of

                  roads don't


              - we learned that by appealing to the authority

                  - the map


        - in this case, we need to appeal to the authority -

            God's Word


        - John 3:3, John 14:6, Acts 4:12


    L. Prove anything from the Bible


        - INPUT?


        - true, but please don't go in the ditch of throwing

            out the baby with the bathwater.

        - God has given us an understandable book


        - II Peter 1:21


        - importance of Bible hermeneutics


    M. Can't be that easy

        - that's one of the reasons our Lord used the birth


             - birth wasn't easy for your mom - but you

               didn't have much to do with it. (don't you

               wish the baby did - "hey, it's time to come

               out now."

        - John 3:5-8


    N. God is a loving God and wouldn't send anyone to hell


        - not the God of the Bible


        - his central attribute is holiness, not love


        - Bible talks a lot more about hell than a lot of

          other subjects.


        - Hebrews 10:31 - It is a fearful thing to fall into

           the hands of an angry God.


   O. Baptized as a baby


        - doesn't save


        - Eph. 2:8-9, Titus 3:5

Faith Church