Faith Church March 21, 1992

- we've been studying the church the last few weeks as part of this
    larger study on Basic Bible Truths
- This morning we'd like to begin by seeing what God's Word says about
- now, we're not discussing baptism simply because we're a Baptist
   church, we're discussing baptism because it's a major Bible doctrine

I. Baptism Was Ordained By Jesus Christ

    - some folks have a condescending view of Baptists or
      baptism (cf. "all they care about is dunking people in the
    - its important to see that baptism isn't the product of human
      thinking/reasoning--it's was and is our Saviour's

    A. Instituted by Him

        1. Great commission - Matt. 28:19-20

        2. apostles understood - Acts 2:41

        3. NT Practice - Romans 6:3-5

    B. Intended to be universal and perpetual

        1. Jesus recognized John's baptism from heaven
            Matt. 3:2-3

        2. His submission shows obligation

        3. His disciples continued it - John 3:23, 4:1,2

        4. the commission is binding

        5. therefore, no church can repeal

II. Mode of Baptism: Immersion

    A. meaning of "baptizw"

        Liddell and Scott Greek Lexicon - "to dip in or under

        Sopocles Lexicon (140 BC - 1000 AD) - "to dip,
          immerse, sink"

        International Standard Bible Encyclopedia - "It may be remarked
          that no Baptist has written a lexison
          of the Greek language, and yet the standard
          lexicons, like that of Liddell and Scott, uniformly
          give the meaning of baptizw as "dip" or "immerse."
          They do no give "pour" or "sprinkle", nor has
          anyone ever adduced an instance where this verb
          means "pour" or "sprinkle."

    B. NT usage

        1. Every passage where the word occurs either
           requires or allows for immersion.

           cf. Mark 1:9-10, into the water, up out of the

        2. the word is never used in a passive sense

           - cf. never "water was baptized on someone"

    C. the symbol requires immersion

       Mk. 10:38 (symbol of death)
       Luke 12:50
       Rom. 6:3-5

       point is - the image is destroyed by any mode other
                  than immersion

III. Who Can/Must Be Baptized?

    - must be believers in Jesus Christ

    Matt. 28:18-20
    Acts 2:41
    Acts 8:12
    Acts 16:14-15, 33-34

    - note implications to infant baptism

IV. Is Baptism Necessary For Salvation?

    A. no--or salvation would be of works

        Eph. 2:8-9, Titus 3:5

        Acts 2:38 (and others passages which seem to indicate
          that baptism is part of salvation?)

          for the remission of sins - for="because of"

          - no question that the issues were closely related
            in the NT

    B. But it is a natural first step of a believer who
         wishes to obey Jesus Christ




Faith Church