Psalms 8

Bill Goode July 24, 1993 Psalms 8:


1.  What is the difference between:

    a.  Jacob:  "carry my sorrow to grave..."
        Joseph:  handled tough breaks well?

    b.  Dorie Van Stone:  abused, yet a life of service
        Another believer:  continues to see the offense?

    c.  Believer:   hurt deeply ... moves on
        Another:  broods, talks, stews

    d.  Believer who compromises on issues of truth.
        Believer who live by convictions/Word of God?

    KEY IS NOT:  - denial - just be positive - smile clouds away

    ANSWER:  View of God!

    Q:  How does your view of God affect a. b. c. d.?

2.  Psalm 8 is very important to your view of God!

- you and I need to see

  I.  His Exalted Position & Glory

      A.  How much importance is placed on a name?

          1.  Finish: "A good name is ..."
                      "He/she made quite a ..."

          2.  What do you know about God's name?

              > power > all-sufficient... authority > righteousness
              > salvation > prayer > growth

              cf. Phil. 2:10

      B.  How is His splendor displayed?

          (above heavens .. human utterances)

          1.  Among the creatures (man-beast-fowl-fish)

          2.  In the fabric of universe - Heb. 1:3

              - oxygen pressure greater in air than in blood
              - oxygen pressure greater in blood than in tissue

              - CO 2 pressure greater in tissue that in the blood
              - CO 2 pressure greater in the blood than in air

          3.  Stars in orbit (Alpha Hercules - 2 billion, 400 million
              miles across
          4.  Sunlit Valleys - ration of animal to food

          5.  Mountains

          cf.  Job 9:8-12 - Mt. St. Helens (33,000 times Hiroshima)

II.  His Elementary Defense v. 2

      A.  Not Gabriel, armies, or eloquence

          cf. I Cor. 1:21,26,29

      B.  Has ordained infants - Mt. 21:15,16

      - "establish His strength" = "build a defense"

III.  His Enormous Creation -- Fingerwork  -- v.3

      A.  Dr. Welk: "Why I re-studied creation."

      B.  What is the importance of believing in creation?

          cf. "find myself"

              - no view of creation
              - no view of accountability
              - no view of stewardship

      C.  Other thoughts:

          1.  Whatever you believe about creation/evolution (origins),
              you believe by "faith."

              - no one observed -- Heb. 11:3

          2.  Leading scientists in Darwin's day said, "We chose Darwin
              not because it was scientific, but for lifestyle."

          3.  Creationism means:

              - accountability
              - life is personal
              - there is a God who cares, I must
              - there is a hereafter!
              - life is important, purposeful

          4.  The bible is clear:

              a.  Ex Nehilo = "out of nothing"

              b.  6 Days ... morning & evenings

                  - will not allow for long periods
                  - these are literal 24 hr. days

              c.  If long periods ... then:

                  - trees w/o light
                  - trees w/o bees to pollinate
                  - trees w/o winds to pollinate

              d.  "After his kind"

              e.  Gen 1:31 "very good"

                  - included not fossils of chaos
                  - violence, man-like creatures
                  - no sin and death till Gen. 3

              f.  Ex. 20:9 "Six days labored and did ALL His work"

IV.  His Everlasting Love & Plan For Man

      A.  Our rank -- below God  v.5

          - in image

      B.  Our crown

          - Artic Tern -- round trip between poles each year
          - Bees .. intricate home
          - Ants .. forethought
          - Salmon .. once a lifetime trip to home
          - Man Gen. 1:29, 5,6

      C.  Our failure - Heb. 2:8

      D.  Our Fulfiller and Savior - Heb. 2:9-12

      - Psalm 8:9 - The praise He deserves

      - How should that affect your life? my life?

          - our view of salvation?
          - our view of growth?
          - our view of obedience?

Bill Goode



Bill Goode pastored Faith Baptist Church from 1975 to 1996, and was instrumental in establishing Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries. He went to be with his Lord in 1997.