Faith Community offers sports leagues for everybody

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Sit And Stay For a While

In my time as a volunteer at the Community Center, one of my favorite phenomenons is seeing members and guests sit around for a while after their workout.  Instead of being in a rush to get to their next meeting or appointment, they pull up… Read More

Should I Exercise Through My Pregnancy?

The answer? Almost always YES!!! While it is generally not recommended to begin a new workout plan when you become pregnant, you can absolutely continue what you’ve been doing. And if you haven’t been doing anything, at least consider starting to walk. The benefits of… Read More

Start a Slam-Dunk Season:  Pre-Season Youth Basketball Drills

Faith Youth Co-Ed Basketball season starts November 12, 2011.  The league’s philosophy is to instill character traits, heart attitudes, and basketball skills that will honor God on the court and in all of life’s situations.  We encourage children in grades 1-6 from the community with… Read More
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