About Faith West


The multi-use Faith West facility near Purdue University houses the ministries of Faith Church as well as provides various services to students and residents of West Lafayette.

The development of the center was based on community research which identified the need for a multi-purpose community space. Extensive discussions with local residents also confirmed the need for additional collaboration to meet the growing need for services and programs in our community.

An Introduction

Student Housing

The center is open to all citizens. Facility space includes a community sports gymnasium, preschool and childcare for 85 children, community meeting spaces, fitness center, neighborhood café, and covenant housing for 119. The center also houses the Purdue Bible Fellowship, a long-standing student organization, as well as space for student and community counseling.

Covenant Housing

Purdue Bible Fellowship

Biblical Counseling

Sunday Morning Worship

State-of-the-art Fitness Center

Preschool and Childcare

Why Faith West?