Car Works Car Repair

Car Works provides assistance to community members who have automotive problems and are experiencing financial hardship. These individuals may have a job, pay their rent, and keep food on the table, but seldom have enough money left over for preventive maintenance on their cars - and even less for major automotive repairs.

Typical work includes repairing brakes and exhaust systems, replacing defective engine components (such as starters and water pumps), and performing tune-ups and oil changes.


All Car Works assistance applications will now be processed through the Northend Care Team. 

Appointments are required and space is limited, so request your appointment by emailing the or contacting them at 765-449-3760.

Once you have an appointment scheduled, please come to your appointment with:

  • A piece of mail verifying your address
  • Any assistance programs that are currently being used 

Contact Us

If you have any questions about this ministry, please contact or give them a ring at (765) 449-3773.