Car Works Car Repair

Car Works provides assistance to community members who have automotive problems and are experiencing financial hardship. These individuals may have a job, pay their rent, and keep food on the table, but seldom have enough money left over for preventive maintenance on their cars - and even less for major automotive repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of of repair work does Car Works do?

We do brakes, suspension, starters, alternators, water pumps, radiators and basic repairs. We will inspect any issue on a car that can be driven to us, and can refer things that we cannot repair.

Who does Car Works serve?

Car works is currently limited in staffing during our ramp-up period, and as a result is currently serving those in the 47904 zip code and those referred from agencies within Greater Lafayette.

As we grow our staff, our desire is to serve all of Greater Lafayette and possibly wider, but always with a focus on our neighbors and surrounding community.

There may be specific agency referral exceptions, and those exceptions will be decision of the Care Team and/or any referring agency.

Is there an age or mileage limit for vehicles that you will service?

We have a general rule of 20 years / 300,00 miles OR conditions that make the vehicle unsuitable for service, but we will inspect any vehicle brought to us.

How do I apply for service with Car Works?

By contacting the Care Team at the Northend Community Center:

How often can I get my vehicle inspected & serviced?

For those that qualify after meeting with the Care Team, we limit inspections to 2 times in a 12 month rolling period with 1 Service in that same period, unless the Care Team or another agency approves an exception. This allows us to serve more folks and help those we have served to become future customers of other service shops in the community.

What does it cost to get service done at Car Works?

Car Works exists to serve those in financial need with critical car repairs they cannot afford through typical means and when not having a working car may affect a family and/or job stability. Car Works asks for a $25 refundable deposit be paid to reserve a spot in the evaluation schedule. Once the owner brings the car in at the appointed time that deposit will be refunded or applied to the costs of parts- whichever the owner prefers. When repairs are completed, we ask that the cost of parts be covered at time of service. Labor will be provided at no cost. Any exceptions to this will be the decision of the Care Team and/or other agencies that may help with deferred costs.

Is Car Works an ASE Certified Shop?

No. Car Works is a non-profit with much of the work being done by volunteers. Parts provided by Car Works will be warranted per manufacturer with a liability waiver on work being done signed by those being serviced.


All Car Works assistance applications are processed through the Northend Care Team.

Appointments are required and space is limited, so request your appointment by emailing the or contacting them at 765-449-3760.

Once you have an appointment scheduled, please come to your appointment with:

  • A piece of mail verifying your address
  • Any assistance programs that are currently being used
Contact Us

If you have any questions about this ministry, please contact or give us a ring at (765) 449-3773.

Volunteer with Us / Donate a Vehicle or Monetary Gift

Have some auto-repair skill or the desire to learn the trade? Click the "Sign up to Serve" button and we will help find the best team for you to serve on, lead, or learn from.

Or, if you'd like to support Car Works by donating a vehicle or a monetary gift, click the "Donate: Vehicle/Monetary Gift" button to fill out the online application form.