Church Covenant

This form should be completed by the pastor or other representative of the commissioning church. Please submit along with your application and the Missionary Covenant.

An Agreement between Faith Global Missions and the Commissioning Church (the church)

Faith Global Missions agrees to …

  • serve as the mission agency under the direction of the church for its missionaries.receive and process funds designated to the church’s missionary on the monthly schedule.   
  • maintain missionary accounts with integrity maintaining a separation of restricted funds and operating funds.      
  • recognize and respect the authority and responsibility of the church. 
  • work closely with the church in providing oversight and direction for its missionaries.
  • provide documents needed by the church for oversight of its missionaries.
  • provide information for medical, life insurance, and retirement plans for its missionaries.
  • keep confidential the financial records of the missionary.
  • solve problems biblically and in a timely fashion.
  • communicate quickly and openly with the pastor/elder of the missionary’s commissioning church regarding sin issues on the part of the missionary or his/her family.
  • communicate regularly with the missionary’s church regarding oversight.

The church agrees to …

  • actively provide oversight for its missionaries to ensure that the missionaries uphold biblical standards of Christian ethics and morality as a representative of the church and FGM.
  • communicate regularly and openly with FGM to cooperatively maintain a healthy care environment for its missionaries.
  • provide FGM with a letter indicating that 1) the missionary is a member in good standing, 2) the church has commissioned the missionary to missions ministry and the date of such commission, and 3) the church’s approval for the missionary to serve with FGM.
  • solve problems biblically and in a timely fashion.
  • communicate quickly and openly with FGM leadership regarding known problems with its missionaries that are not quickly resolved

This agreement may be terminated by either party at any time, but doing so will also terminate the relationship between the parties unless another agreement replaces this one.