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Regular Baptist Press International began in 1973 and exists to provide gospel literature—or the funds to produce that literature on the fields—to missionaries of independent Baptist faith mission agencies. These are agencies whose doctrine and practices are consistent with the GARBC. Through the International Partnership of Fundamental Baptist Ministries (IPFBM), Regular Baptist International extends its influence by supplying Biblical resources worldwide to partnering associations and their affiliated churches. While the resources are produced initially in English, some of the partners are translating them into the heart language of the people whom they serve.

Regular Baptist Press International also provides trustworthy literature to missionaries as they make requests for assistance. Primarily the focus is on Sunday School and Vacation Bible School material to missionaries who are starting new churches around the world until the churches are able to secure their own. Millions of dollars’ worth of such material has helped hundreds of Sunday Schools during their formative years.

The mission of Regular Baptist Press International is to supply Biblical resources worldwide to enable developing Baptist ministries to fulfill the Great Commission.

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