Kindness and Goodness

Janet Aucoin March 23, 2017

This is the fourth class in the fourth series of classes of the Women’s Foundation series.

This series explores what it looks like when the Holy Spirit is working in your life to develop the character of Christ in you.

I. Welcome
II. Review

III. Kindness

A. The ____________________of Kindness – “Kindness is a sincere desire for the happiness of others. Kindness is the inner disposition, created by the Holy Spirit, that causes us to be sensitive to the needs of others, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual. ”
Webster’s Dictionary defines Kindness as “the quality or state of being gentle and considerate.”
Webster’s Dictionary defines Kind as “having or showing a gentle nature and a desire to help others: wanting and liking to do good things and to bring happiness to others”
B. The Application of Kindness -
1. Awareness of ____________________– Mark 6:30-44; II Timothy 3:1-5
You will be unable to apply the character quality of kindness unless you have a sincere interest in the happiness of those people that are around you in the normal course of life’s events.
2. Awareness of ____________________– Prov 18:13; Phil 2:3-4; James 3:16
3. Freedom from ulterior motives and selfish agendas – II Cor 4:2
C. God’s Example of Kindness
1. ____________________ Titus 3:4-5; Romans 2:4
2. ____________________For Our Daily Needs Psalm 23; Isaiah 40:11; Isaiah 40:29
3. ____________________During Crises - I Kings 17:8-24; Gen 21:9-21, Mark 6:34, Mark 7:29, Mark 10:46-52; Luke 15:3-7
IV. Application Questions for Kindness content

V. Goodness

A. ____________________of Goodness – Goodness is the activity calculated to advance the happiness of others. If “kindness is the inner disposition created by the Holy Spirit that causes us to be sensitive to the needs of others, whether physical, emotional, or spiritual…” then “goodness is kindness in action – words and deeds.”
B. Applications of Goodness.
1. ____________________Deeds – Acts 10:38
2. Fulfilling God’s Salvation ____________________– Eph 2:8-10; I Timothy 5:9-10
3. At ____________________– I Cor 12:4-11
4. At ____________________- I Tim 5:10; I Tim 5:88; Gal 6:10
5. Here, There, and Everywhere Gal 6:9; Acts 9:36; Matt 25:31-46
AVAILABILITY - In order for us to notice and intervene in the needs around us, there must be time in our schedule during which we may be available and flexible enough to meet needs.
George Bethune, a famous theologian from the 1800’s wrote:
“True goodness is not merely impulsive, but rational and considerate – it will therefore pause, and be at some trouble to inquire what service, and how best may it be rendered….Goodness should be willing to give time, and thought, and patience, and even labor; not mere money and kind words, and compassionate looks.”
VI. Application Questions for Goodness
VII. Questions

VII. Recommendations for Further Study

1. The Goodness of God by Randy Alcorn
2. Knowing God by J.I. Packer
3. Attributes of God by A.W. Pink
4. Gospel Identity by Serge
5. The Gospel by Ray Ortlund
6. The Gospel Primer by Milton Vincent
7. A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23 by Phillip Keller

Janet Aucoin


Janet is the Director of Women's Ministry at Faith Church (Lafayette, IN); Host of the Joyful Journey Podcast (helping women learn that when you choose truth you choose joy); ACBC certified; teacher in Faith Community Institute; Coordinator of FBS seminary wives fellowship, retreat and conference speaker; B.S. Human Resources, University of South Florida.