Philippians 4:10-18 - A Great Model of Church Giviving

Dr. Steve Viars May 4, 1996 Philippians 10:18

- verses 10-19 begin the formal "thank-you" part of this letter.
- William Hendricksen said of this portion:
"This message of thanks is a rare blending of affection, of dignity,
of delicacy, with a certain undertone of gentle pleasantry. It is an
embodiment of ideal Christian courtesy."

- you may recall that last week we said that there are at least two
distinct issues being addressed in these verses...

1) Paul's reaction to the financial gift the church had sent
(and what that reaction teaches us about the subject of

2) The church's faithfulness in sending that gift.

- we decided to look exclusively at the first issue last week---and
center our discussion on what the Scripture teaches us about
- let me remind you of what those verses said ... READ 11-13

- now, those verses are very important...but we need to understand the
way they fit into this text.
- its actually a parenthetical statement...its something that Paul added
(as he often does) that momentarily takes him away from his main

- this morning, we want to study verse 10, coupled with verses 14-18
(leaving 11-13 out) to try to understand his main thrust about how the
church had been faithful in the way they had supported his ministry.

- we're titling these verses:
"A Great Model of Church Giving"

- let's read the passage without verses 11-13
- READ 10, 14-18

- this morning we want to study four truths this passage teaches us about
NT Grace Giving.

I. Grace Giving Is A Matter of Concern

- please notice that one of the key words that comes up in verse 10
is the word "concern."
- in fact, Paul uses that word twice in connection with the financial
gift that the church had recently sent to him, and the ones they
had sent before.

- this wasn't a matter of coercion...
- it wasn't a matter of legalistic thinking...
- it wasn't because they had been browbeat into it...


- the issue here is not physically what takes place between one's hand
and one's checkbook...
- the issue is -- Is the person's heart filled with concern that the
ministries of God move forward.

- we're talking about the matter of concern.

- let me ask you this morning --- are you concerned about the work of God
that is occurring here in Lafayette and around the world?
- and what evidence is there of that concern?

1) For example, are you concerned about our three Stilwell families
ministering in Peru, SA, this morning on our behalf?
- parents - Steve and Evelyn
- sons David and Jonathan, along with their wives Kandie and
Julie, and their children?

- are you concerned that their needs are met financially?
- are you concerned that they be freed up from financial
pressure so that they may minister freely and wholeheartedly
for Christ?
- are you concerned that they have the right amount of work funds
so they might minister effectively where they are?

- are you concerned for these families?

2) Are you concerned for Jack Sorg, who will soon be returning to the
Amazon Jungle as a missionary doctor?
- are you glad that we recently raised his support to try to
lighten the burden there?

3) Are you concerned for Sam and Ellen Hornbrook, veteran missionaries
who have given their lives to minister to men and women in Mexico?

4) What about for Sam and Jamie Hornbrook who will soon be returning to
Mexico City, one of, if not the largest cities in the world?

5) Are you concerned for Ruth Wood, who woke up this morning in Gambia,
West Africa to help carry the gospel to that needy land?

- we could go through all of our foreign missionaries----and ask
- are we concerned for them the way the Phillipians were concerned
for Paul?

- What about some of our Home Missions projects?

1) Are you concerned about Baptist Children's Home?

- I spoke to a pastor in Minnesota this week who told me of a
family in their church that was having trouble with a
teenager...and needed to get some help...

- and they received that help through Baptist Children's
Home...and now that teenager is back with his natural
family and doing well...

- that happened because faithful people over the years have had a heart

2) what about our ministry to other churches through NANC, and the
counseling center.

- this church historically has tried to minister outside of
- through our counseling training program
- through the pastors raveling to key places where pastors
want to be trained in Biblical counseling and a biblical
philosophy of ministry

- we are wanting to have a major emphasis on the development of
NANC this year...

- but do you have a HEART of CONCERN to minister to other churches?

3) What about the ministries here in Lafayette?
- are you glad we're going to spend money to have a VBS?
- are you glad we're building buildings so we can minister the
Word more effectively?

- are you glad that our church tries to treat its staff

- cf. pastor in Minn.
- sharp guy
- church has grown four-fold in 10 years
- winning and discipling people
- six children

- been down for our Missionary conference

- current salary (total package including housing and
professional expenses) -- $24,000

- he's not bitter---trying to faithfully serve...

- but what's wrong there? (some folks lacking CONCERNED
- plenty of boats and vacation homes around...

- the point is -- Paul says that the Philippian's giving revealed HEARTS
OF CONCERN----that the ministries of God be moved forward

- What does your giving reveal about your heart?

- praise the Lord for people sitting in this class this morning...
- who would never boast about it...
- would never want it to be publicly revealed...

- but who have HEARTS like we're talking about this morning...and
could back that up with facts if necessary.

- if I'm speaking to someone this morning of whom that's not true...I
have to ask you ---- what's wrong with your heart?

- another key word in this passage tells us that:

II. Giving Is A Matter of Sharing

- of course this goes along with what we've already studied but it's
important to note that Paul uses the word "share" several times in
this passage.

- v. 14 - you have done well to share with me
- v. 15 no church shared with me in the matter of giving and
receiving but you alone.

- the word "share" is a beautiful word in the Scriptures...
- cf. Hebrews 10:33 - READ and develop

- cf. also Rev. 1:9 - READ and develop

- Paul is saying that the Philippians were people who shared

- William Hendricksen ties this back with Phil. 1:5 (read) and then
"Truly, the fellowship was working beautifully."

- let me get some input from you at this point:

- INPUT - What verses or biblical concepts come to mind that
reinforce the idea that --- as believers in Jesus Christ --- we
should be characterized as people who share?

1) oneness in Christ

2) we are a body

3) we are a family

4) Gal. 6:1

5) Rom. 12:15

6) Gal. 6:6

7) Parable of the good Samaritan

- INPUT - Opposites of this characteristic? people who do not SHARE what
they have with others are _________?

- some other observations we could make about this matter of sharing:

1) The Philippians did this as an INFANT church.

- What Paul is talking about in verse 15 would have happened very
early in this church's history.
- cf. College Park

2) They shared regularly (verse 16)

- Sometimes people and churches want to make the "big splash."
- Speaking from the perspective of working with organizations
like the IFRBC, NANC, and our Camp---believe me---its the
faithful regular gifts that keep ministries going, not the
occasional splashes.

3) Another thing to notice about the way Paul uses this word "SHARE"
is that he "Bathes" it in accounting terminology.

- v. 15 - giving and receiving
- v. 17 - profit which increases to your account
- v. 18 - received everything in full...ETC.

- the implication is -- while this is a matter of the heart, its
also a matter of something that can be counted.
- the difference here compared to the average accounting
transaction is that, in the final analysis, its the God of
Heaven who keeps the books.

- the matter of whether we're developing a concerned heart,
and a sharing an issue that He is tracking.

III. Grace Giving Comes With A Reward

- you understand, of course, that we never do something for the Lord
in order to get something in return, but there is no question that
God rewards faithfulness.
- Paul makes that very clear in verse 17 (READ)

- Proverbs 11:25 - the liberal soul shall be made fat.
(NASB - The generous man will be prosperous, and he who waters
will himself be watered).

- an important balancing point here is that God does not always repay
in kind.

- develop - Wayne Ericksen -- given faithfully to God, now
rewarded by having children who give faithfully from their

IV. Grace Giving Is Pleasing To God

- verse 18

A. A fragrant aroma and acceptable sacrifice

- going back again to the OT sacrificial system (just like he did
in 2:17)

- cf. Gen. 4:4, 8:21, Lev. 1:9, 13, 17)

- Christians by their generosity are offering praise and worship
to God.
(cf. the trend to stop taking the offering in the public

- A good question to ask this morning might be --
- What aroma do your giving habits bring to the nostrils of God?
- for some, it's a sweet smelling aroma....for others, its a
sickening stench.

B. It can be well pleasing to God.

II Cor. 5:9

Dr. Steve Viars


Senior Pastor - Faith Church

Director - Faith Legacy Foundation


B.S.: Pre-Seminary & Bible, Baptist Bible College (Now Clarks Summit University)
M.Div.: Grace Theological Seminary
D.Min.: Biblical Counseling, Westminster Theological Seminary

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