Philippians 4:19-23 - Paul's Promise, Praise and Greeting

Dr. Steve Viars May 11, 1996 Philippians 4:19-23

- read Phil. 4:19-23

- you probably recognize verse 19 as one that this is a favorite for many
- Who knows how many millions of times throughout church history God's
children have drawn strength and encouragement from this great
- "My God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in
Jesus Christ."

I. Paul's Promise

- let's work our way through this promise by thinking about the source,
the provision, and the extent of this promise.

A. The source

- INPUT - How does Paul refer to the Lord in this verse?
- INPUT - How and why is that significant?
(shows Paul's close personal relationship with the
Lord, and the confidence he had in Him.)

- contrast that to the way many people speak about the Lord
- often times in ridicule, and scorn...
- or they view God as distant, and aloof, and unapproachable
- think of Him as being unknowable...

- let's look over at II Tim. 4:17
- Bible teachers believe that II Tim. was written several
years later than the book of Philippians---but this verse is
another example of the kind of relationship Paul had with
the Lord.
- READ II Tim. 4:17
- so Paul was able to make this promise with confidence because he was
talking about "His God" -- the One he knew personally because of his
relationship with Christ.
B. The provision

- the verses goes on to say -- My God shall supply all your

- now undoubtedly he's referring back to what he had talked about
in verses the Philippians had faithfully and
sacrificially and regularly supported his ministry.

- as we studied last week -- while we don't do things for the Lord
for what we get out of it, the Scripture clearly teaches that
God rewards faithfulness.

- people who seek to obey God's Word in the way they handle their
finances can rest assured that God will supply their needs.

- another passage of Scripture that teaches us this is Prov.

- so faithful believers can claim the promise that God will supply
their needs.
- now we probably need to factor in at this point a statement that
Warren Wiersbe made...
- "God has not promised to supply all our greeds."

- we're sure not speaking of a "name it - claim it" mentality.

- the believer's needs are relatively few...

- of course we could talk about our spiritual need for
reconciliation, etc.
- thats not really the focus of this text

- since the previous verses are talking about
material/financial issues, we should assume that thats
what Paul had in mind primarily in verse 19
- if thats the case, our material needs are relatively
- I Timothy 6:8 - "And having food and raiment, let
us therewith be content."

- so assuming we're talking about needs the way Paul would, we can be
assured that faithful believers have been promised that God shall
supply all their needs...

- Hudson Taylor (who was pretty mystical at times) was right when he
said, "When God's work is done in God's way for God's glory," it will
not lack for God's supply."

- this morning I'd like to ask you to think about this question...Do you
live in a way that shows you believe that God will keep the promise
made in this passage?

- INPUT - Characteristics of the person who believes this promise, and
characteristics of the person who doesn't?

- the next question is -- which person are you most like?

- with that in mind, I'd like us to break up in some smaller groups this
morning, and study out several passages on this subject.

- please work with a couple of folks around you on the handout you've
been given.


For each passage listed below, please note as many truths as you can
about how God supplies the needs of his people.

Genesis 28:15, 50:20, Exodus 33:14, Deut. 2:7, 32:7-14, 33:27, Josh.
1:9, I Sam. 7:12, I Kings 17:6, 16; II Chron. 20:17, Psalm 18:35, 31:19,
91, 121, Isaiah 25:4, 32:2, 40:11, 41:10, 43:1, 2, 46:3, 4, Joel 2:21-27,
Mal. 3:10, Matt. 6:32, 14:20, 23:37, Luke 6:38, 12:7, 22:35, John 10:27,
28, 17:11, Rom. 8:28, 31-39, II Tim. 1:12, 4:18, I Peter 5:7

- (Come back together -- review answers)

- Now, after reading these verses, would you agree that God does supply
the needs of his people?

- let's add one more part of Phil. 4:19

C. The extent

- INPUT - what is the extent of God's supply according to this
(according to his riches in glory in Christ Jesus)

- thats a very important part of our discussion.
- INPUT - How is "according to" different than "out of"?

- Hendriksen - "These He will fulfill not merely out of his
riches, (as a millionaire might do when he
donates a trifling sum to a good cause
subtracting the amount from his vast
possessions) but according to his riches, so
that the gift is actually in proportion to
God's infinite resources."

- INPUT - What questions should we be asking ourselves after
thinking about Phil. 4:19?

- Paul's response to this great truth is found in verse 20:

- we're talking now about:

II. Paul's Praise

- when Paul thinks about God's great provision for His people, his
response is to turn and give him glory.

- even in prison, Paul was able to have a worship service because of
the character of God.

- INPUT - How bad is it if you and I receive the blessings of verse
19 without following the response of verse 20?

- INPUT - What are some practical ways we can apply verse 20
personally, in our families, at church, etc.?

III. Paul's Greeting

- this letter, like most of Paul's letter, ends with personal

- These were real people, who loved each other---and were building
and experiencing the unity that comes through knowing Jesus

- Paul was especially happy to be able to report that people who had
been won to Christ in Caesar's house (because of his imprisonment)
were sending greetings as well.


Dr. Steve Viars


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