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On a Mission: Sarah’s Story

It is always our privilege to provide training to godly women through our internship program. Some of our interns come seeking experience to help them grow in being a bright light for Christ in practical, every day situations, and some women come seeking training to… Read More

Resource Friday: It’s Not Fair! Finding Hope When Times Are Tough

“It’s not fair!” has been uttered countless times in our world. With all of the heartache and suffering of life, it can be easy to believe that life is simply not fair and that no one deserves the pain it brings. When we begin to… Read More

Seeing Our Need

All people strive for independence. We don’t like to admit that we need help or are incapable of doing something, even when it may be blatantly obvious that this is the case! In our pride, it can be very easy to act like we have it all… Read More
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