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Praying for the Race

The Race for Hope is THIS Saturday, and we couldn’t be more excited. One of the reasons why we are so passionate about this race is that it is so far reaching in our community. Running is a sport about which many are very passionate,… Read More

Winning the Prize

When a big race is coming, serious runners train hard. They spend hours building up their strength and endurance, timing themselves, and pushing themselves to become better and better so that they can make it to the finish in record time! This concept always reminds… Read More

ACBC Interview with the Director

In October 2014 at the Association of Certified Biblical Counselors’ National Conference in California, our director, Dr. Mark E. Shaw, was briefly interviewed about Vision of Hope. The Association of Certified Biblical Counselors is a certifying entity that equips biblical counselors all over the world… Read More
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