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Faith Church Member Covenant: Staying Plugged In

We are excited to continue digging into the aspects of the Faith Church Member Covenant. The point of this blog series is to be reminded how the Lord calls us to live as a body of believers, and examine how that would play out in… Read More

Faith Church Member Covenant: Loving Fellow Believers

The Faith Church Membership Covenant is a great reminder not only to church members, but believers everywhere. Looking into this document points us to the truths of the Word of God and the ways in which we are called to please our Lord! Today, we… Read More

Faith Church Member Covenant: Keeping Christ First

How awesome it has been so far to be reminded of many truths through the Faith Church Membership Covenant! Let’s continue to dig into this document today. I also purpose to maintain family and private devotions; to train my children according to the Word of… Read More
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