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Resource Friday – Relationships: A Mess Worth Making

Many of us experience problems with relationships, whether romantic or simply friendly. Perhaps you’ve been hurt before; perhaps people in your life have left you or abused you. Or perhaps you just feel as though relationships take far too much effort to be worth it.… Read More

Addicts: An Unreached People Group?

With over 2 billion people worldwide lacking access to a Bible, an evangelical church, and even just a Christian person, there is a serious need for the missional work of global evangelism, disciple-making, and church planting. That’s why I believe biblical counseling is a tremendous… Read More

Resource Friday: Lord, Change My Attitude

Our attitudes tend to change in each situation we find ourselves. We complain when it rains, are critical when we see a screaming child at the grocery store, and are thankful when things in our lives just seem to be going well. Our attitude and… Read More
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