Food Pantry and Clothing Closet


Food Pantry Opportunities

We ask our volunteers to serve once a month on a Tuesday for four hours as a Store Attendant, or flexible hours working behind the scenes helping with inventory control. i.e., rotating, stocking, shopping, etc. Please contact Julie Cole to begin serving or to ask questions.

Store Attendant

When our guests arrive, we have them fill out their grocery list. One of the volunteers then goes to the storage room and fills their order. We bring it back to them in bags, and we offer to take it to their car. We reschedule them again in 4 weeks, if necessary.


Our shoppers shop once a week at Food Finders due to such low costs. Often times we cannot get all we need there, so we also shop at Wal-Mart and Aldi. All costs are paid for by Faith Community Ministries.

Inventory Control

Clothing Closet Opportunities

The Clothing Closet is always looking for new volunteers. If you are interested in being a part of this ministry, please read through the job descriptions below and contact Julie Cole.

Clothing Closet Store Attendants

  • Job Summary: To assist clothing closet referrals with selecting five sets of clothing per approved family member from inventory, during open days and shifts.
  • Duties: Welcome and greet guest. Confirm appointment. Complete Clothing Closet Introductory Form. Check picture identification. Assist in selecting clothing from inventory. Collect hangers. Bag clothing items. Schedule return appointment in 90 days. Maintain a visually pleasing store.
  • Responsibilities: Maintain a loving and professional image to customers. Follow all Clothing Closet policies and procedures in a positive manner. Communicate any issues or concerns to leadership. Treat shoppers with respect and dignity.
  • Specifications: Like to work with people. Willing to work in a team environment. Good communication skills.

Clothing Closet Appointment Schedulers

  • Job Summary: To make appointments for referees to shop in the clothing closet.
  • Duties: Receive phone messages from referral agent for the first Clothing Closet visit.
  • Responsibilities: Return all messages on a timely basis. Maintain a professional demeaor. Keep appointments organized.
  • Specifications: Excellent follow-up skills. Detail oriented and organized. Good communication skills. Minimum computer skills. Dependable.

Clothing Closet Clothes Processors

Will need regularly scheduled and emergency processors.

  • Job Summary: Process all incoming donated clothing to Clothing Closet.
  • Duties: Sort out usable clothing vs. non-usable clothing. Organize all clothing by sex and size. Place usable inventory into closet or designated totes for future use.
  • Responsibilities: Ensure clothing is in a presentable condition. Maintain organized inventory.
  • Specifications: Ability to lift and sort clothing. Ability to sort and organize clothing.