LTHC Homeless Services


Serving physical food and spiritual encouragement to the homeless men and women of Lafayette, at LTHC Homeless Services.


In the Howarth Center at 615 N. 18th Street, Lafayette, IN

Brief Description of Ministry Activity

Utilizing the opportunity to provide meals at LTHC Homeless Services, we seek to develop relationships with clients who receive daytime services at LTHC. Specifically, we provide and serve 6 - 8 meals a month prepared by members and friends of Faith Church. During these and additional times, we engage clients in conversation and make them aware of opportunities at Faith Church and Faith Ministries. Transportation to regular church services and special events is also provided for clients.

Length of Time for Commitment and Ministry Activity

Volunteers assist in providing a portion of one meal on a monthly basis. This will involve the time required for food preparation and about 1 hour at the shelter serving the meal and visiting with clients.

Opportunities to Serve:

  • Food preparation and delivery to LTHC Homeless Services
  • Mingling with clients during mealtime
  • Visitation and one-on-one discipleship during non-mealtimes to engage clients in conversation and perhaps help meet some of their needs
  • Drive the Faith mini-bus downtown on an occasional Sunday to either pick up folks for church, or drop them off after church
  • Disciplers are needed, especially MEN, to study the Bible with someone who is asking spiritual questions or who has made a profession of faith in Christ.


To establish relationships with the homeless population served by LTHC Homeless Services through assisting with their physical needs in order to gain opportunities to meet spiritual needs (I Cor 5:20).


  • Provide relief to a commonly marginalized segment of our community
  • Regularly distribute Bibles and devotional materials to the homeless
  • Engage homeless men and women in our church services and activities
  • Engage members and friends of Faith Church in ministry to the homeless in our community
  • Build credibility with the LTHC staff to enable them to see the ability of Faith Ministries to address important needs of their constituents
  • Serve as encouragers and valuable partners to the staff at LTHC

Questions? Comments?

Please Contact Sue Svensson, Faith's Homeless Ministry coordinator.