Safe Families for Children


On August 2, 2015 Tippecanoe County Superior Court 3 Judge, Faith Graham, and Safe Families for Children (SFFC) founder Dr. David Anderson presented the need and a compelling solution for helping families who are struggling:

Safe Families for Children is a movement of hundreds of families of faith who have opened their homes to care for children whose parents are struggling. By demonstrating Biblical Hospitality, Safe Families for Children returns the church to the forefront of caring for orphans and widows - where historically the church was the leader.

A parent voluntarily places their child(ren) with volunteer families during a period of crisis/instability. While the parent works to develop stability by implementing a course of action developed by the parent and a case coach (similar to a case worker), the child(ren) lives with a volunteer “safe” family. In northern Indiana, Safe Families uses Baptist Children’s Home to provide accreditation, a liability umbrella, and a standard method for processing legal documentation.

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"When crisis strikes, many of us rely on relatives and our church family for support. But for some parents, there isn't a safety net. Often problems such as drug addiction, domestic abuse, incarceration, or illness can be debilitating, making it impossible for parents to care for their children. With the changing economy many more families are experiencing financial crisis, unemployment, and homelessness. During such crisis, children are especially at-risk for neglect or abuse as their parents struggle to cope with crushing circumstances and emotions. ...

Since 2005, Safe Families for Children has offered sanctuary to thousands of children... [Read More]

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If you would like to join the movement in Tippecanoe County as a volunteer, a ministry, a partner agency, please connect with us on Facebook to see what we do and contact us via email.