About Us


Taking the word to the world

Faith Global Missions’ primary purpose is recruiting, preparing, sending and supporting of missionaries to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ throughout the world.  FGM exists to assist evangelical churches in the ministry of Missions around the world.

Biblical Model

At FGM, we believe that missions ministry belongs to the church and should follow the pattern of Acts 13:1-4.  However, we also recognize that in the 21st century, cross-cultural and international ministry can be complicated and confusing.  We believe the role of the local church should be big and the role of the mission agency should be small.

Our Goals

  • Provide missionary administrative and fiscal support
  • Provide missions training resources and opportunities to local churches.
  • Train pastors and churches internationally.
  • Translate and publish training and resource materials in other languages.
  • Train seminary students and faculty internationally.

Three characteristics of our philosophy

  1. Bible based ... We hold fast to
    • Inspiration of the Scriptures
    • Authority of the Scriptures
    • Inerrancy of the Scriptures
    • Sufficiency of the Scriptures
  2. Christ centered
    • Missions is centered around a personal relationship of loving Jesus.
    • We believe Christ-centered missions creates unity in the body.
  3. Local church directed
    • We believe the church should be big and the agency small in missions.
    • Pastor Steve Viars wrote, “Faith Global Missions places the local church in the center of the process of identifying, equipping, sending, supporting, and directing missions and missionaries.  FGM simply wants to provide support for local churches as we seek to accomplish the task of global evangelism.”

If you are interested in a missionary career, learn more about serving as a missionary with FGM

If you are serious about a missionary career through your local church, we invite you to read our doctrinal statement and submit a preliminary application online.

We also invite you to contact us by email (missions@faithlafayette.org) or phone (765-448-1986) to discuss how you may partner with us through prayer and giving.