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Global Outreach for Edification and Reconciliation, or more affectionately the GOER Ministry, is the lay-missions ministry of Faith Church and Faith Global Missions. This ministry provides opportunities for laypeople and college students to participate in short-term mission trips or ministry trips. Application to participate in a GOER trip should be made well in advance (we recommend several months before the date of the scheduled trip).

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Since 1992 participation in short-term missions (STM) has grown from about 250,000 to well over a million people annually from the United States.

In the early years of short-term missions, evangelism was the primary purpose. Over the years, the purposes of STM projects has expanded. In recent years trips to orphanages, medical/health projects and construction projects have become the most popular with evangelism and missionary support ranking 12-14 in popularity. With the growing interest in short-term missions we have developed a written philosophy and policy for the STM ministry at Faith Church and Faith Global Missions.,

This ministry supplements and supports our method of providing financial support for select missionaries and ministries.

Purpose, Benefits and Basis

The mission of the Faith Church's STM ministry is to please God through brief cross-cultural ministries of global outreach focused on leading people to Jesus Christ and equipping them to be more faithful disciples. To embody the spirit of our missions statement of leading people to reconciliation to God through Christ and equipping them to be faithful disciples our STM ministry is called Global Outreach for Edification and Reconciliation and will be referred to as the GOER ministry.

The GOER ministry is to make disciples cross-culturally thereby strengthening the host-receivers and benefiting the local church as follows.

  • Stimulates personal involvement in missions.
  • Results in greater overall commitment to global missions.
  • More consistent and specific prayer for global missions.
  • More systematic and sacrificial giving to global missions.
  • Increased involvement in local outreach.
  • Participants more likely to volunteer for leadership responsibilities.

Standards of Operation

Faith Church has adopted the Seven Standards of Short-Term Mission promoted by Standards of Excellence in Short-Term Mission.

  1. God Centeredness – seeking God’s glory and his kingdom.
  2. Empowering Partnerships – focusing on recipients in healthy partnerships.
  3. Mutual Design – Collaborate with partners in ministry design.
  4. Comprehensive Administration – integrity through reliable administration.
  5. Qualified Leadership – screening capable leadership.
  6. Appropriate Training – for participants.
  7. Thorough Follow-Up – appropriate debriefing of participants.



Goer-guest = short term participant going as a guest to the host culture

Host-receivers = those who will host and receive the goer guests

Goer-guests must be F.A.S.T Christians, Faithful, Active, Serving, Teachable.

  • Faithful – Those who are to serve as GOER team members are in a leadership position and should already be exemplary in their faithfulness to their local church.
  • Active – Team members are not only required to be faithful but they should be active in their local church, actively participating in ministry and service opportunities.
  • Serving – Candidates for GOER service must first prove themselves to be servants in their local church.
  • Teachable – Goer-guests must be teachable, always ready to be proven wrong and ready to learn of new ways and be open to cultural considerations.

The Process

  1. Pre-field: Responsibilities are described and a process is outlined for FGM, the goer-guests, and the sending supporters prior to the participants going to the field, including a process for considering projects, training of participants, an application and screening process for participants, familiarization with the host culture and training participants in cross-cultural ministry.
  2. On Field: Responsibilities and procedures are described for FGM, the goer-guests and the sending-supporters once the goer-guests have arrived on the field, including appropriate manners and customs, how to pray for the team on the field.
  3. Post Field: Responsibilities and procedures are described for FGM, the goer-guests and the sending-supporters once the goer-guests have returned from the field, including cultural adjustment, debriefing, follow-up reports to supporters, etc.


Policies for funding STM trips. Funds mostly provided by participants except church initiated teaching teams and special circumstances. Procedures for financing short-term trips including proper procedures for soliciting funds established by Faith Ministries controller in cooperation with the manager of FGM following the rules for the permissible use of funds.

Orientation and Training

GOER candidates will need to attend a series of classes designed to prepare them for STM ministry with FGM. Resources and readings will be selected by missions leadership and standardized for GOER candidate training. A list of possible sessions is provided in the detailed handbook.

Goer-guests will also be required to complete a training program. There is a list of topics to be included in the detailed handbook. Training depends on the participants and the project.


Purpose and procedure for debriefing participants is described in the detailed handbook.


The GOER ministry represents a symbiotic relationship between FGM and those on mission fields. Souls should be saved and believers strengthened on the mission field while churches and individuals that participate should experience an increase in mission awareness (what God is doing in other cultures and places), an increase in mission giving, and an increase in mission participation. If these things happen as a result of the GOER ministry then we believe God will have been glorified and the mission fulfilled.