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  • GOER Mission Trip - Dominican Republic

    June 20 - June 28 Santiago, Dominican Republic This GOER Mission trip will be focused on ministering to the people in the Domincan Republic by participating and leading Vacation Bible Schools, Evangelism through community outreach, and ministering in orphanages.   This Trip will be led by John Newlin    Trip Cost: $1400 per person Find Out More
  • GOER Mission Trip - New York

    July 18 - July 25 Staten Island, New York The GOER Mission Trip to Staten Island in July will be focusing on evangelism and outreach to city neighborhoods and the park.  Ministry opportunities include worship, distributing water,playing sports, teaching bible stories and making genuine connections with people to share the love of Christ. This trip is being led by Ned… Find Out More
  • GOER Mission Trip - Brazil

    July 24 - August 4 Aguas De Lindola GOER TRIP - BRAZIL The GOER Mission Trip to Aguas De Lindola Brazil  in July will be focused on Biblical Counseling.  Participants will be able to observe and receive training in Biblical Counseling.  This is an excellent opportunity for a Biblical Counseling student. This Trip is being led by David Selvey      Trip… Find Out More

From the Blog

  • Missionary Support – Salary and Benefits

    At the end of my last post, I posed the question, “How do you set a fair and reasonable support level for Missionary Mike?”  Let me see if I can answer that question based on a family of four with two school aged children. The... Read More
  • The Cost of Missionary Support Raising

    Why do missionaries need so much financial support?  I get that question a lot from folks who want to support missionaries but question the financial requirements.  In this series, I will attempt to deal with the various pieces that must be put together to get... Read More
  • To Go or Not to Go-Missions Trips and Ebola

    The Bible has much to say about trusting God.  Victory is connected to trusting God (2 Chronicles 13:18).  Jesus promised that God would take care of His children (Matthew 6:28-30).  We are to trust the Lord and not our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6).  And yet we are... Read More
  • Ebola and Tough Decisions — Marc Blackwell Sr.

    You are probably aware of the largest Ebola outbreak in history occurring in countries of  West Africa. This guest post by veteran missionary Marc Blackwell, Sr. gives us a glimpse of the difficulties missionaries face when trouble breaks out on the mission field. Ebola and... Read More
  • Taste the Nations — Let the Nations be Glad

      1. ↩ 2. Dates may be altered by the majority of people attending if the need arises. ↩ 3. Online here: Kindle | Paperback | Audiobook. ↩ Read More
  • Everyone Should Have a Timothy

      Sep 2013 BCTC Class   I love spending time with my 3-year-old grandson.  He will work alongside me around the house because he likes to “do stuff with Papi.”  Sometimes we will work on a project together or do … Continue reading → No related posts. Read More

Missions News From Around the World (

  • Wildlife STORYTELLER stuffed animal offers comfort

    (Photo Courtesy to Audio Scripture Ministries) USA (MNN) -- Audio Scripture ministries is trying to raise funds for 200 Wildlife STORYTELLERS: stuffed animals with small audio players loaded with Scripture, Bible stories, and songs. There is an enormous need for these cuddly reminders in a land... Read More
  • Delays, tensions provoke an already tense Nigeria

    (Map courtesy Wikipedia) Nigeria (MNN) -- Vote counting got under way in Nigeria on Monday in an election fraught with delays, glitches, and violence. Voting spilled over from Saturday into Sunday due to faulty scanners, absent poll workers, and Boko Haram militant attacks. A winner... Read More
  • Bible translation app requires teamwork

    iPad mini running Commons mobile app.(Photo, caption courtesy of Wikimedia Commons) International (MNN) -- There's an app for everything these days; why not Bible translation, too? Bruce Smith, President of Wycliffe Associates, says they're working on a Bible translation app called translationStudio. The app... Read More
  • Trafficked women are trapped

    (Photo courtesy Operation Mobilization) Singapore (OM) – [Editor’s Note: This article was written by Operation Mobilization’s International Director Lawrence Tong.] OM Singapore's office is in the heart of the red light district. I have walked in the area many times in the daytime. You'll... Read More
  • Tangible help for forgotten refugees

    (Image courtesy of Vision Beyond Border via Facebook) Syria (MNN) -- Over the last four years, the number of Syrian refugees has continued to grow in many neighboring countries. And it's no secret that in struggles like this, the aid stops flowing when people stop... Read More
  • God at work through Paradise Bound in Guatemala

    Guatemala (MNN) -- Over the past several months, Paradise Bound Ministries has done some life-changing work for hundreds of Guatemalans. San Ramon is a refugee village that has been neglected, abandoned, and a place many outsiders wouldn’t choose as their next vacation spot. But... Read More