Upcoming Missions Events

  • Short-Term Missions Training

    April 23 - May 14 Faith Church East If you are interested in going on a missions trip with Faith Church, this class is a must for you.  We will meet on Wed nights, 6:30-8pm for four weeks to talk about Bible basics of missions, biblical roles in missions, cross-cultural ministry, and the GOER Ministry.  The GOER ministry,… Find Out More
  • Moldova Biblical Counselor Training Conference

    April 26 - May 2 Moldova FGM is teaching biblical counseling to pastors and counselors in Moldova. Please pray for us during this time! Find Out More
  • Biblical Counselor Training Conference

    July 25 - August 5 Aguas de Lindoia, Brazil FGM is participating in the annual conference of the Association of Biblical Counselors of Brazil in Aguas de Lindoia. Please pray for us during this time! Find Out More
  • Seminary Biblical Counselor Training

    September 22 - September 26 Fortaleza, Brazil A team from FGM is participating in the annual conference of a seminary in Fortaleza, Brazil. Please pray for us! Find Out More

From the Blog

  • Missions in Dominican Republic

    I just returned from a survey trip to the Dominican Republic (DR) with a team representing Faith Church, Fellowship Greenville and Faith Global Missions.  We were encouraged, thankful, convicted and challenged by what we observed.  I hope you enjoy this … Continue reading → No related posts. Read More
  • Small Churches Can Support Missions

    “I wish we could do more for missions, but our church is small” or “we just don’t have much money.” These are common comments today in evangelical circles. Perhaps you have thought or said something like this recently. I would … Continue reading → Related posts:... Read More
  • How Do I Learn More About the Problem of Human Trafficking?

    I remember a pastor friend of mine in Moldova telling me about a lady in his church who had responded to an advertisement for a domestic housekeeper in another country. Upon arrival at her new location, her passport was taken … Continue reading → Related posts: What... Read More
  • Should the Church Combat Sex Slavery and Human Trafficking?

    For many years the evangelical church responded to the liberal social gospel by avoiding any involvement in social ministries.  Today, more churches are realizing that the Church “threw the baby out with the bath water” when she did that. God’s … Continue reading → Related posts:... Read More
  • What is the scope of Sex Slavery and Human Trafficking?

    Sex slavery and human trafficking is a problem of global proportions. It is almost always a form of organized crime, generates an estimated $32 billion in annual revenue and ensnares about 2.5 million people at any given time. It affects … Continue reading → Related posts: What is Sex... Read More
  • What is Sex Slavery and Human Trafficking?

    Human trafficking and sex slavery has become a problem of global scale.  It is a dark problem most of us would prefer to ignore.  However, it is a problem of global proportions that should affect the ministry of the Church, … Continue reading → Related posts: What... Read More

Missions News From Around the World (

  • Wesleyan Church reads New Testament in eight weeks

    USA (MNN) -- Over 800 churches are accepting the challenge to read the New Testament together in eight weeks. Beginning with the Wesleyan Church and spreading to other denominations, Biblica's Community Bible Experience gives churches the opportunity to grow together in wisdom and knowledge. Most churches... Read More
  • Sharing the Gospel with Muslims = Kingdom growth

    Middle East (MNN) -- Is sharing the Gospel with Muslims a lost cause? Julyan Lidstone with Operation Mobilization admits there are many challenges. "Muslim fundamentalism has been on the rise for the last 30, 40 years. That means there is a rise in persecution. And in some... Read More
  • Lebanon registers 1 millionth Syrian refugee

    Lebanon (MNN) -- There's no reset button for the situation in Lebanon, where the 1 millionth Syrian refugee was registered earlier this month. International Mission Board reminds us that Christians are called to help even in hopeless situations. But it isn't hopeless. IMB tells us Muslim... Read More
  • Chile under state of emergency

    Chile (MNN) -- Chile is under a state of emergency following a massive April 1 quake and then a fire two weeks later. Baptist Global Response Jeff Palmer shares the most recent damage assessments. "The fires are kind of declared 'out.' Really, they're more into... Read More
  • Organic farming in Burundi: more than a health thing

    Burundi (MNN) -- Today is Earth Day, a great opportunity for Christians to remember what it means to be a steward of God's creation. Food for the Hungry is taking it a step further in Burundi. They're teaching families responsible and effective farming techniques that... Read More
  • $27 can provide Bibles to 300 people

    USA (MNN) -- Christian Resources International started almost 60 years ago after someone couldn't bear to see a Bible thrown away. Now, CRI is collecting used Bibles and Christians books to send overseas. CRI executive director Jason Woolford says, "After almost 60 years and a few executive... Read More