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  • GOER Trip to Dominican Republic

    March 28 - April 3 Santiago Dominican Republic We are now taking applications for the Spring 2016 GOER trip to Dominican Republic. If you are interested, please apply soon. The application is not a commitment. It is the first step and will help us plan training and travel. Because we are going over a spring break period, we… Find Out More

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  • Effective Investments

    We thank God for the prayers and sacrificial giving of His people that make the ministry of Faith Global Missions possible. Sometimes people ask me what dividends are yielded from their investment in missions. I recently had the opportunity to serve in Democratic Republic of... Read More
  • Missionary Retention

    If attrition is one side of a coin, retention is the other side.  Retention is more than reasons people don’t leave.  When we talk about missionary retention, we are talking about the positive reasons that keep missionaries in their jobs. The Engage! study, was... Read More
  • Missionary Competency

    A lack of professional training and equipping can contribute to attrition and ineffective ministry.  The work of missions is specialized, with language and culture challenges that require specialized training.  Missionary training should equip men and women to do a better job than they could without... Read More
  • The Truth of Missionary Attrition

    Many missionary candidates have insufficient theological education, ministry training, ministry experience, or spiritual maturity.  This creates a need for pre-departure theological, spiritual and ministry training.  Many leave for the mission field overconfident with unrealistic expectations and ultimately leave their missionary career because they were not... Read More
  • Introduction to Missionary Training

    Our family of six arrived at our first missionary assignment in Spain in the heat of summer.  Our four children ranged from 9-16 years old.  We thought we were in for the adventure of a lifetime.  We loved the people of Spain and had a... Read More
  • How I Gained 16 Granddaughters in One Day!

    A team from Faith church went to Dominican Republic to serve in Fundación Red Misericordia (Mercy Network Foundation) and one member found new granddaughters! Fundación Red Misericordia is a private orphanage overseen by Senora Olga Arocha.  The Fundación currently has three orphanage... Read More

Missions News From Around the World (

  • Perseverance brings new life to Guatemala

    Guatemala (AMG) -- Making a difference: it’s what can happen when you get involved. AMG International shares the following impact story: (Photo courtesy of AMG Int'l) When Guadalupé’s pregnant sister told her she was afraid to raise the baby on her own, Guadalupé... Read More
  • Genocide label thrown on ISIS persecution

    Europe (MNN) -- The European Parliament (EP) broke out the "G-word" yesterday, voting unanimously to label the Islamic State's persecution of Middle East Christians as "genocide." (Photo credit: Stephen Melkisethian via Flickr) It's a step in the right direction, according to Emily Fuentes with Open... Read More
  • Global Aid Network: bringing hope

    (Photo courtesy Global Aid Network) International (GAiN) -- Grace is a widow who fled her home with thousands of other men, women, and children because of the violence in their hometown somewhere in Africa. She is the mother of two children; the youngest is only... Read More
  • WHO warns of spread of Zika virus, dangers to pregnant women

    International (MNN) -- The World Health Organization announced this week that a little-known disease -- the Zika virus -- presents a dangerous health hazard in Central and South America. A female Aedes Aegypti mosquito in the process of acquiring a blood meal from her human... Read More
  • ECM births a new child sponsorship program

    Uganda (MNN) -- For Every Child Ministries (ECM), this month marks the launch of a new child sponsorship program, Karamoja Homeland Project, in Uganda. (Photo courtesy Every Child Ministries) “We have been working many years with Karamoja kids, who had come to Kampala for various... Read More
  • New equipment brings new opportunities to India

    India (MNN) -- Back in November, Audio Scripture Ministries (ASM) in India received a makeover for their studio building. Now they're excited for new equipment that will benefit their outreach in the ministry field. (Audio Scripture Ministries via Facebook) ASM India-Asia Director JP Sundararajan explains... Read More