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  • Biblical Counseling Training Conference (BCTC) - 2015

    February 8 - February 13 Faith East and Faith West Join us for a premier biblical counseling training event that draws over 1600 counselors annually. Hear from top speakers in the biblical counseling movement, including Randy Patten, former Executive Director of NANC (now ACBC), Steve Viars of Faith Church and Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries, and Elyse Fitzpatrick.  Find Out More
  • Missions Extravaganza!

    February 10 / 7:00 PM Faith East Community Center Forget dinner at a restaurant! Come to the 2015 Missions Extravaganza! Tuesday, Feb. 10, 7:00 p.m. Faith East Community Center ONLY $10.00 PER PERSON Register Now Find Out More
  • GOER Mission Trip - Moldova

    March 20 - March 27 Moldova GOER TRIP - MOLDOVA The GOER Mission Trip to Moldova in March will be focused on Biblical Counseling.  Participants will be able to observe and receive training in Biblical Counseling.  This is an excellent opportunity for a Biblical Counseling student. This Trip is being led by Charles Hodges.    Trip Cost:  $2700 per Person Find Out More
  • GOER Mission Trip - Wisconsin

    May 26 - May 30 Union Grove, Wisconsin This GOER Mission trip to Union Grove, Wisconsin will work alongside the Shepherd's Ministry in maintenance of the grounds and facilities, participating with the residents in recreational activities, and assisting with clerical office work for the ministry. This trip will be led by Craig Svensson  Trip Cost: $300 Per Person                                                         Find Out More
  • GOER Mission Trip - Dominican Republic

    June 20 - June 28 Santiago, Dominican Republic This GOER Mission trip will be focused on ministering to the people in the Domincan Republic by participating and leading Vacation Bible Schools, Evangelism through community outreach, and ministering in orphanages.   This Trip will be led by John Newlin    Trip Cost: $1400 per person Find Out More
  • GOER Mission Trip - New York

    July 18 - July 25 Staten Island, New York The GOER Mission Trip to Staten Island in July will be focusing on evangelism and outreach to city neighborhoods and the park.  Ministry opportunities include worship, distributing water,playing sports, teaching bible stories and making genuine connections with people to share the love of Christ. This trip is being led by Ned… Find Out More
  • GOER Mission Trip - Brazil

    July 24 - August 4 Aguas De Lindola GOER TRIP - BRAZIL The GOER Mission Trip to Aguas De Lindola Brazil  in July will be focused on Biblical Counseling.  Participants will be able to observe and receive training in Biblical Counseling.  This is an excellent opportunity for a Biblical Counseling student. This Trip is being led by David Selvey      Trip… Find Out More

From the Blog

  • The Cost of Missionary Support Raising

    Why do missionaries need so much financial support?  I get that question a lot from folks who want to support missionaries but question the financial requirements.  In this series, I will attempt to deal with the various pieces that must be put together to get... Read More
  • To Go or Not to Go-Missions Trips and Ebola

    The Bible has much to say about trusting God.  Victory is connected to trusting God (2 Chronicles 13:18).  Jesus promised that God would take care of His children (Matthew 6:28-30).  We are to trust the Lord and not our own understanding (Proverbs 3:5-6).  And yet we are... Read More
  • Ebola and Tough Decisions — Marc Blackwell Sr.

    You are probably aware of the largest Ebola outbreak in history occurring in countries of  West Africa. This guest post by veteran missionary Marc Blackwell, Sr. gives us a glimpse of the difficulties missionaries face when trouble breaks out on the mission field. Ebola and... Read More
  • Taste the Nations — Let the Nations be Glad

      1. ↩ 2. Dates may be altered by the majority of people attending if the need arises. ↩ 3. Online here: Kindle | Paperback | Audiobook. ↩ Read More
  • Everyone Should Have a Timothy

      Sep 2013 BCTC Class   I love spending time with my 3-year-old grandson.  He will work alongside me around the house because he likes to “do stuff with Papi.”  Sometimes we will work on a project together or do … Continue reading → No related posts. Read More
  • Typhoon Destroys Churches & Homes Killing Thousands!

    Our brothers and sisters in Christ, along with legions of others in Philippines have experienced the horror of destruction and death caused by one of the strongest tropical cyclones to hit land in recorded history! Friday, November 8, one of the strongest storms … Continue reading → No... Read More

Missions News From Around the World (

  • Three million pairs of shoes given for children in need

    (Photo credit Buckner Shoes for Orphan Souls) Int'l (MNN) -- What do shoes have to do with the Gospel? In places like Guatemala, Russia, the Dominican Republic, Peru, Mexico City, and Texas, shoes mean hope. They represent love and a blessing. Buckner International delivers shoes... Read More
  • Special needs reflect image of Creator

    (Photo courtesy of King's Table Ministries) International (MNN) -- It only takes a handful of people with the same vision to do something beautiful. Any good ministry can attest to that. For The King's Table Ministries, this is their mode of operation. A calling Most... Read More
  • Human trafficking spotlighted at Super Bowl

    USA (MNN) -- This weekend is Super Bowl Sunday in the United States. While it's about American football, key government leaders say much more takes place, and it isn't good. Last February, Texas Attorney General Greg Abbot shocked Americans when he called the Super Bowl ... Read More
  • Two pastors attacked

    (Photo courtesy Voice of the Martyrs Australia) Vietnam (MNN) -- All men are created equal, but decades and eras of people have failed to acknowledge this. They’ve let hate crawl into their minds and somehow let it control them completely. Much of the time,... Read More
  • All through the power of prayer

    (Photo courtesy International Mission Board) Thailand (IMB) -- During their last visit to this small village in Thailand, the International Mission Board missionaries found out many workers were moving. But this night was still special. Believers from another migrant worker camp just down the road... Read More
  • Renewed fighting in Ukraine

    (Photo courtesy Mission Eurasia) Ukraine (MNN) -- Peace seems to be a temporary thing in Ukraine. After five months of tolerated peace, fighting broke out. Reuters reports a rebel advance launched last week, which not only sparked the war once again, but also brought threats... Read More