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  • Effective Investments

    We thank God for the prayers and sacrificial giving of His people that make the ministry of Faith Global Missions possible. Sometimes people ask me what dividends are yielded from their investment in missions. I recently had the opportunity to serve in Democratic Republic of... Read More
  • Missionary Retention

    If attrition is one side of a coin, retention is the other side.  Retention is more than reasons people don’t leave.  When we talk about missionary retention, we are talking about the positive reasons that keep missionaries in their jobs. The Engage! study, was... Read More
  • Missionary Competency

    A lack of professional training and equipping can contribute to attrition and ineffective ministry.  The work of missions is specialized, with language and culture challenges that require specialized training.  Missionary training should equip men and women to do a better job than they could without... Read More
  • The Truth of Missionary Attrition

    Many missionary candidates have insufficient theological education, ministry training, ministry experience, or spiritual maturity.  This creates a need for pre-departure theological, spiritual and ministry training.  Many leave for the mission field overconfident with unrealistic expectations and ultimately leave their missionary career because they were not... Read More
  • Introduction to Missionary Training

    Our family of six arrived at our first missionary assignment in Spain in the heat of summer.  Our four children ranged from 9-16 years old.  We thought we were in for the adventure of a lifetime.  We loved the people of Spain and had a... Read More
  • How I Gained 16 Granddaughters in One Day!

    A team from Faith church went to Dominican Republic to serve in Fundación Red Misericordia (Mercy Network Foundation) and one member found new granddaughters! Fundación Red Misericordia is a private orphanage overseen by Senora Olga Arocha.  The Fundación currently has three orphanage... Read More

Missions News From Around the World (

  • Purge continues five months after failed coup

    Turkey (MNN) -- The expulsion of dissenters in Turkey has gone a step farther following the failed July coup. Last Tuesday, over 15,000 military, police, and civil servants were dismissed for suspected involvement in the uprising. (Map courtesy of International Needs) Over 100,000 people have been arrested... Read More
  • “It’s God’s heart to rescue these girls.”

    India (MNN) -- In the central Indian community of Madhya Pradesh, girls are being sold into sexual slavery – and their families are doing little to stop it. Gary Edmonds of Food for the Hungry says parents are making the impossible decision to prostitute their own... Read More
  • China: ministries to serve together

    China (MNN) – China has recently been in the headlines for its new law regarding cybersecurity, but today, we have some good news. Instead of talking about stricter rules, we’re talking about opening doors. Team Work in China (Photo Courtesy Bibles For China via Facebook) ... Read More
  • New law tightens China’s cybersecurity

    China (MNN) -- If China was strict before, it just got stricter. In early November, the Chinese government passed a law tightening its reigns on cybersecurity and giving the government more control over information flow and technology equipment. A New Law (China with flag) Similar... Read More
  • Questions raised in wake of Castro’s death

    Cuba (MNN) -- Yesterday, the remains of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro began a four-day processional to his final resting place in Santiago de Cuba. The parade is dubbed the “caravan of freedom” -- an ironic moniker since, according to The Washington Post, Mr. Castro could... Read More
  • Nursing school to improve healthcare in Honduras

    Honduras (MNN) -- God always provides what we need right when we need it. That’s the theme of this story, brought to us by Angie Overholt of World Gospel Mission. Choluteca, Honduras (Photo courtesy of World Gospel Mission) Angie and her husband Larry have... Read More