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  • Biblical Counselor Training Conference

    July 25 - August 5 Aguas de Lindoia, Brazil FGM is participating in the annual conference of the Association of Biblical Counselors of Brazil in Aguas de Lindoia. Please pray for us during this time! Find Out More
  • Missions Roundtable

    August 21 / 9:30am–4:00pm Harbour Shores Church, 8011 E 216th St, Noblesville, IN 46034 You are invited! You're invited to a roundtable discuss of the question, “What can we as pastors, missions leaders and local churches do to encourage a movement toward local churches directing missions?”  Cost:          There is NO CHARGE to you.  Lunch and refreshments will be provided.  A special thanks to… Find Out More
  • Seminary Biblical Counselor Training

    September 22 - September 26 Fortaleza, Brazil A team from FGM is participating in the annual conference of a seminary in Fortaleza, Brazil. Please pray for us! Find Out More

From the Blog

  • Everyone Should Have a Timothy

      Sep 2013 BCTC Class   I love spending time with my 3-year-old grandson.  He will work alongside me around the house because he likes to “do stuff with Papi.”  Sometimes we will work on a project together or do … Continue reading → No related posts. Read More
  • Typhoon Destroys Churches & Homes Killing Thousands!

    Our brothers and sisters in Christ, along with legions of others in Philippines have experienced the horror of destruction and death caused by one of the strongest tropical cyclones to hit land in recorded history! Friday, November 8, one of the strongest storms … Continue reading → No... Read More
  • Biblical Roles in missions, Part 7 – Responsibilities in Missions

    Responsibilities of Missionary Candidate Missionary candidates and local churches both have responsibilities in the missionary process.  Missionary candidates should be careful to exercise the following.  1.      Candidates should have a deep conviction regarding the great commission, that God has commanded … Continue reading → Related posts: Biblical Roles... Read More
  • Biblical Roles in missions, Part 6 – Agencies don’t send missionaries.

    Agencies don’t send missionaries.  This may sound strange for a missionary agency to say, but at Faith Global Missions, we truly believe this.  Mission agencies like FGM should exist to help churches send missionaries.  As a matter of fact, FGM … Continue reading → Related posts:... Read More
  • Biblical Roles in missions, Part 5 – Those Who Are Called

    In Acts 13:1-4 we see the Holy Spirit calling those who are already serving in a local church.  He did not call people into missions who are not already serving.  Barnabas and Saul were among the most gifted ministers in … Continue reading → Related posts: Biblical... Read More
  • Biblical Roles in Missions, Part 4 – Local Church Confirms the Call

    The Holy Spirit’s call to missions is denied or confirmed through the local church.  Sommer erroneously suggests that “the call of a missionary is confirmed through the financial gifts of God’s people” (Sommer 1999, 69).  He also suggests that anyone … Continue reading → Related posts: Biblical... Read More

Missions News From Around the World (

  • Border crisis: what should Christians do?

    The U.S. border fence near El Paso, Texas. USA (MNN) -- The border crisis is on the forefront of U.S. politics this week as everyone gears up for fall mid-term elections. Politicians across the board are playing the blame game to make themselves... Read More
  • Missionaries infected with deadly Ebola virus

    (Photo courtesy World Health Organization) Liberia (MNN) -- The Ebola epidemic sweeping West Africa is "out of control," according to Doctors Without Borders. The deadly virus is concentrated in Guinea, Liberia, and Sierra Leone, but there are concerns that hundreds who are unknowingly infected could... Read More
  • Haggai Institute helps reach the world

    Dr. Aldo Fontao (middle) of Argentina says Haggai Institute training is a new way to reach the world for Christ. USA (MNN) -- Today, many Christians are carefully considering where to invest in cross-cultural missions. The old way of doing it was to recruit western... Read More
  • Missionary abducted in Cameroon

    (Photo courtesy Open Doors) Cameroon (ODM) -- During attacks on towns in the extreme north of Cameroon over the weekend, a report from Open Doors says suspected members of Boko Haram killed and abducted an unknown number of people. One of those taken is Pastor... Read More
  • Red Rock Mysteries: DGL for the next generation

    (Logo credit: Keys for Kids) USA (MNN) -- Radio is great way to get news or music during your commute to and from work. It's also effective for teaching children about Jesus and how He wants them to live. Enter: Red Rock Mysteries and Keys... Read More
  • Ebola outbreak impacts ministry

    Color-enhanced electron micrograph of Ebola virus particles. Liberia (MNN) -- The Ebola outbreak is claiming the lives of pastors, leaving many churches without a leader. Tony Weedor with Advancing Native Missions, originally from Liberia, says missionary pastors are often called to lay hands on sick... Read More