Counseling Training Testimonials

Biblical counseling training is not just for pastors or professional counselors. Biblical counseling training is beneficial to every believer who is serious about strengthening his/her relationship with God and helping others to do the same. The following videos give a variety of examples of how pastors and lay workers alike are seeing growth in their lives and ministry as a result of biblical counseling training.

Matt Viljoen

Although born in a Christian home, Matt didn't accept Christ as his personal Savior until he was 31. Then at the age of 40 the Lord called Matt to the ministry, so he gave up his veterinary practice and went off to seminary. While at The Master's Seminary he took biblical counseling classes where he learned that "it is not only the theory that we deal with in the Bible, but it is actually the practical living out of that information every day." As a result, Matt believes that biblical counseling "has probably been a more important part of my training than anything else."

Tina Viljoen

Tina explains that biblical counseling training is not just for pastors - it's as applicable for the people in the pews as it is for the man behind the pulpit.

Emmanuel Sakala

Emmanuel Sakala is a biblical counseling teacher at a college in Zambia. He’s also a pastor, and he wants to start a new ministry to hospitals in which the counselors – his congregational members – will be trained in biblical counseling instead of psychology.

South African Counselors

These counselor trainees give their perspectives on the value of continuous biblical counseling training.