Counseling Testimonies

If you're still undecided about whether or not biblical counseling is for you, watch these testimonies; they are real stories from real people. If these individuals found help for the problems they were facing, you can, too.


What I loved and worshipped the most was myself. And the person who I was, I didn’t see. I wanted to be an inspiration to others, but all I was a girl who was never thin enough, never beautiful enough, never happy enough, never spiritual enough, never strong enough, and always striving towards my definition of perfection.


Struggling with depression and anxiety attacks, Larissa learned through biblical counseling "that I could have hope, that Jesus Christ could give me hope."


"At 4 years of age I was raped. Repeatedly…and for several years. I didn't really understand the things that were happening to me and I definitely didn't know how to get help. I was terrified and hurt. I wanted so badly to be safe... to feel safe. But all I felt was fear."


“I have tried committing suicide so many times, always with the thought that I am living in Hell now, and death will be better…but Christ changed me in a second.”

Shann & Beth

Beth struggled for years with an eating disorder. Finally, through biblical counseling, she was able to get victory: "They really helped me with the heart; it was a heart issue."

Petrus & Lucinda

They were manipulated, anxious, angry, fearful, suicidal. They tried psychology, hypnosis, self-help, anti-depressants, sleeping pills. But only through biblical counseling did the du Toits find grace, truth, freedom, love, joy, peace...Christ.


Saved but not theologically grounded, Audrey was experiencing conflicts in her marriage. "Then, through biblical principles, using biblical counseling, Pastor Edson confronted us with the Word of God. And this is changing our lives and blessing us greatly."


"Running has been a part of my life for years. The emptiness I felt inside eventually manifested itself on the outside, and I ran straight toward anorexia. My weight became my obsession. It was something to live for. It held a powerful meaning to me because the emptier I felt on the inside, the more invisible I could become on the outside."