The Biblical Counseling in Action Podcast

What happens when biblical counseling hits the streets? How can a church not only “have a counseling center,” but “be a counseling center”? Dr. Steve Viars and his guests explore how biblical counseling intersects with their jobs, ministries, relationships, etc. by providing real life examples of biblical counseling in action – what it looks like in day-to-day living.

The Joyful Journey Podcast

We are inundated with voices that claim to have answers. And we’re left empty and longing for something better. God’s word has the answers – superior, fulfilling, joyful answers! We’ll discuss how to filter the good from the bad so you can confidently rest and rejoice in the truth. We hope to inspire and equip women to passionately pursue beautiful, biblical truth on their journeys as women of God. When you choose truth, you’re choosing joy!