About Us

Faith Community Development Corporation was founded with the purpose of building relationships and improving communities wherever we serve.

Our Mission

We aim to encourage the growth and stability of Greater Lafayette communities through leadership and economic development, faith-based resources, community organization, and the development of affordable housing.

Our Vision

We want to see a community where every Greater Lafayette neighborhood sees visible demonstrations of God’s love. We are strongly committed to joyfully work alongside the experts: the people who live, work, and serve in these neighborhoods.

Our History

Faith Community Development Corporation (FCDC) was founded in 2013 at the request of the City of Lafayette with the purpose of rehabilitating houses toward long-term improvement of different areas of the city. FCDC chose to start in the northern neighborhoods of Lafayette, with the goal of expanding community development efforts into other places around the city and surrounding areas.

Since 2013, FCDC has expanded its scope from simply rehabilitating houses to providing other community-focused services, such as training for life skills in jobs and finances, creating green space and gardens for neighbors and volunteers to gather, and sponsoring the development of community centers like the Northend Community Center and Hartford Hub. With each new project and step toward addressing unique needs in the area, Faith hopes to achieve God’s best in individuals and neighborhoods.

Our Board Members

Pastor Steve Viars has served at Faith Church since 1987, and he oversees the staff, deacons, and all Faith ministries. Steve serves on the boards of Vision of Hope and the Faith Community Development Corporation and has other non-profit board experience.

Jerry Jamison, a retired small business owner, is a founding member of Faith Church and has served over the years in many leadership positions within Faith Church. He also has served on other non-profit boards such as Meals on Wheels'.

Josh Greiner serves as pastor of Faith Church West and has considerable community ministry experience.

Gage Butterbrodt, another founding board member, acts as another neighborhood representative. He has worked in Faith's Community Ministries for several years and has community knowledge from his years as a local television reporter.

Rod Hutton is a Faith Church North pastor and is the director of the Northend Community Center (NCC) which is an asset for the FCDC target neighborhoods.

Stefan Nitzschke is pastor of Faith Church's college ministries and is a neighborhood representative board member.

Daniel Yoon is the FCDC treasurer and is employed in the accounting department of Faith Ministries.

Peter Levavi is senior vice president for Brinshore Development and provides development expertise.

Everett Whiteman is a homeowner of one of FCDC's project houses and serves as another neighborhood representative.