Life Skills Training

Through FCDC's life skills training programs, residents can be equipped with the right tools to take charge of essentials related to jobs and finances for life.

Jobs for Life

Jobs for Life is an 8-week, gospel-centered program that teaches people how to work and why work is important. This program aims to set up participants for long-term success in the workplace by pairing each participant with a mentor, providing classes with knowledgeable instructors, and allowing qualified graduates to network with potential employers.

Hear how Jobs for Life helped John & Todd

Ready to take the next step?

We have room for both those who want to complete the Jobs for Life program, as well as those who would like to help out.

Faith & Finances

Faith & Finances is a 12-week, gospel-centered program that relies on activities to build relationships while training people in concrete money management skills such as budgeting, managing debt, and setting savings goals.

Hear how Faith & Finances helped Dulce & Jorge

Considering your next move?

Follow the links to find out how to apply to the Faith & Finances program, or help out in a volunteer position.