Frequently Asked Questions

Does someone have to be a Christian to buy one of these homes?

No, this program is available to anyone who qualifies by income and can obtain financing. As an equal housing opportunity provider, Faith Community Development does not discriminate based on religion or any other reason.

Does someone have to be affiliated with Faith Ministries to participate in this housing program?

No, as a fair housing opportunity provider, this program is open to anyone who qualifies by income and can obtain the necessary financing.

What if an interested party has different beliefs than what Faith Church would hold?

FCDC is an independent entity. Social issue questions are not part of the process, and there can be no discrimination based on any of the classes delineated in federal, state, or local laws.

I would like to buy a house, but my credit score (or other financial situation) is bad.

The first step we do is have you find out where you really stand financially and the best people to do that are the lenders themselves. After you’ve spoken with a potential lender, we can help you come up with a strategy to get you ready to be a successful home-ownership candidate. We have several lenders who understand this program and are willing to sit down with interested participants.

Are there advantages to purchasing a Northend home through Faith CDC versus buying a house in the open market?

Yes, we think there are many good reasons to buy a home on the Northend through Faith CDC. All the FCDC rehabbed houses have been completely updated. This means you would be getting a house that has all major maintenance issues resolved and updated furnishings. In addition, there is down payment assistance that is completely forgiven if you live in the house for 5 years.

How much is the down payment assistance?

The amount of down payment assistance depends on the individual property and the buyer’s financial need, but it averages around $5000.

Why is homeowner training required?

We want people to succeed, and the required training helps give the new homeowner the necessary tools and information. All training is provided in compliance with Federal grant guidelines.

There is a house for sale that I would like FCDC to rehab for me to purchase. Is that possible?

At this time, participants are not able to select a home for rehabilitation by FCDC to then purchase. FCDC strategically picks houses that fit into their long-range goals of working with the northenders of Lafayette to strengthen their neighborhoods. By doing this we remove blight and/or increase the level of home-ownership in a neighborhood, which studies show enhance neighborhood stability.

Why would I want to live in the Northend?

The Northend has a rich heritage tied to the growth of local industry and the railroad. We believe that this part of Lafayette is uniquely suited for both young families and long term residents. This vibrant part of town is blessed with numerous amenities that working-class families look for in their homebuying search. We’d love to take you on a tour of our neighborhoods and talk about all of the great things that are going on and are in store for the Northend. Buying a FCDC house in these neighborhoods will allow home-owners to have a completely updated, historically-charming home as well be a part strengthening neighborhood communities.