Faith Biblical Counseling


The college years are full of opportunities, but also full of challenges. When you're facing real problems in your life, there's no substitute for real solutions.

Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries has been offering biblical counseling for free since 1977. We counsel from the ultimate source of truth--the Bible. But don't expect "read 2 verses and call me in the morning" type solutions. Applying biblical principles to one's life is a solution that takes real time and real effort. Our qualified counselors understand that, and will take the time to listen before helping you find real answers from the Bible to help navigate your current challenges.

Counseling for our Church and Community

Every Monday our counseling staff, which is made up of both pastors and trained lay leaders, offers free biblical counseling to those who are hurting. All our counselors are certified (or in the process) by the National Association of Nouthetic Counselors. View our counseling hours and locations.

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Training Counselors Here and Abroad

Do you want to help hurting people? We're a premier biblical counseling training center, offering several training options.

  • Monday Basic Training: Our Monday Training Program is designed to help attendees gain greater knowledge and skill in the area of biblical counseling. Since we limit our class size to 25 attendees, the training is much more personal. This program is offered three times a year and incorporates both lecture and actual counseling observations.

  • Conferences: We offer multiple conferences, including our Biblical Counseling Training Conference.