Fun and Fitness - Gym Memberships

Our gym memberships include full access to our East, West and Northend gym facilities, as well as FREE fitness classes.

Membership Rates
Categories* Pay Monthly Pay Annually
Student $15 $150
Single Adult $35 $350
Married Couple $45 $450
Buddy $50 $500
Family $55 $550
Court Only $10 $100
*Category Definitions
  • Student: ages 13-17 (up to 19 if actively enrolled as a high school student); only available in-facility and a parent/guardian signature is required
  • Single Adult: Individual, age 18 or older
  • Married Couple: Legally married couple
  • Buddy: 2 friends, age 18 or older, under 1 contract
  • Family: Legally married couple and their children, age 17 and under living at home (children 18-22 qualify if full-time students living at home)
  • Court Only: Gym access only - no fitness center or locker room access
Fees & Incentives
  • Those who choose to to pay in full for an entire year will receive two months for free!
  • There is a $25 registration fee for all memberships except the Court Only option
  • There is a $25 missed payment fee.

Memberships with Faith Community Centers are always month-to-month allowing you to cancel anytime. We hope you'll join us today!

Interested in Personal Training?

Our popular personal training program, led by the Gilman Brothers, is a great way to meet personal goals with accountability and professional help and advice.

Want to Get Fit & Have Fun?

Joining a group of people for a fitness class is a great way to keep yourself motivated as well as have fun while getting fit. Fitness classes are FREE for our members.