Fun and Fitness - Gym Memberships

Our gym memberships include full access to our East, West and Northend gym facilities, as well as FREE fitness classes (and FREE childcare at our West facility).

Membership Rates
Categories* Pay Monthly Pay Annually
Student $15 $150
Single Adult $35 $350
Married Couple $45 $450
Buddy $50 $500
Family $55 $550
Preferred Gym $10 $100
*Category Definitions
  • Student: ages 13-17 (up to 19 if actively enrolled as a high school student); only available in-facility and a parent/guardian signature is required
  • Single Adult: Individual, age 18 or older
  • Married Couple: Legally married couple
  • Buddy: 2 friends, age 18 or older, under 1 contract
  • Family: Legally married couple and their children, age 17 and under living at home (children 18-22 qualify if full-time students living at home)
  • Preferred Gym: Gym access only - no fitness center or locker room access
Fees & Incentives
  • Those who choose to to pay in full for an entire year will receive two months for free!
  • There is a $25 registration fee for all memberships except the Preferred Gym option
  • There is a $25 missed payment fee.

Memberships with Faith Community Centers are always month-to-month allowing you to cancel anytime. We hope you'll join us today!

Interested in Personal Training?

Our popular personal training program, led by the Gilman Brothers, is a great way to meet personal goals with accountability and professional help and advice.

Want to Get Fit & Have Fun?

Joining a group of people for a fitness class is a great way to keep yourself motivated as well as have fun while getting fit. Fitness classes are FREE for our members.