Adult Co-Ed Softball League

Our adult co-ed slow pitch softball league is a great way to get exercise and meet new people. Invite your friends and neighbors to be a part of the action this summer!

League Information

Dates and Times: Saturday Evenings, June 4 - July 30. Game times are either 5:00 pm or 6:30 pm.

Who: It's a co-ed leagues. You must be at least 16 to participate.

Deadlines: Registration opens April 1 and closes May 25

Location: All games are played on the Faith Community Softball/Baseball Fields #1 and #2 (kids can play on adjacent playground).

Cost: $40 per person (includes a team shirt) 

Registrations and payments must be received by May 25. There is only space for up to 8 teams, so register quickly! 

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General Administration

  • Eligible players are of a minimum age of 16 and up, no one is too old.  16-17 year olds must submit a minor permission form.
  • All players must sign a waiver of liability form.
  • Rosters consist of up to 24 players per team.
  • Games will be seven (7) innings.
  • Final play-off games based on current standings will be on the 8th Saturday
  • All game times are at 5:00 P.M & 6:30 P.M. on both diamonds.  Plan to arrive one-half an hour early.  
  • As noted on the schedule teams are to provide a base umpire for the game that is played before or after their game that is on the same field. 
  • At the end of the game clean up the dugouts for the next team that will use the fields.  Take out trash and put in big barrels around the concession stand.
  • The second team listed in the pairing is the home team.
  • Rainouts will be communicated to coaches through email or phone; coaches, in turn will notify team members
  • Rainout make-up games will be in the form of a double-header the following week- if possible-starting at 3:30pm.
  • Alcoholic beverages are not allowed on the premises at any time. Anyone found in possession will be asked to leave.
  • Tobacco of any form is not allowed on the playing field or in the dugout/bench areas.
  • Any rule not specifically addressed will be covered by standard ASA rules.


  • Game balls, game books and bats will be supplied by the league. 
  • Steel/metal cleats are not allowed.
  • All other personal equipment will be supplied by the team and individuals.

Game Play

  • There is to be no arguing with the officials/umpires over calls. There is no exception to this rule. 
    • Coaches may ask for clarification of a call and for an explanation.  We ask that players bring their concerns to their coaches and then the coaches communicate them to the umpires.  This helps keep order on the field.
  • No offensive language will be tolerated.  Any player, coach or observer whose temper gets out of control over a judgment call, will be warned once.  If the infraction is repeated, the offending person can be dismissed from the game, and/or asked to leave the grounds.
  • Pitchers are to pitch the ball with an arc of 6-12 feet. 
  • The Mercy-Run rule may be invoked by the trailing team: 15 run lead after 3 innings; 10 run lead after 5. 
  • The time for each game is 90 minutes. No new inning will start after the 90 minute time limit except for a tie score.
  • Any inning starting prior to the 90 minutes shall be allowed to continue through the entire inning.
  • Teams field ten (10) players on defense. 5 of 10 on defense must be female.
  • At least 3 females must be in the infield
  • A minimum of three (3) outfielders must be in the outfield area when the batter hits the pitch. While a female is batting, the rover can only be a female.
  • If you can only field 9 players, a minimum of 4 female players must be in fielding positions at all times.
  • After the first inning, the pitcher will have one minute following the third out of each half inning to deliver no more than 3 warm-up pitches
  • Home team designate will lead in the pre-game prayer and occupy the dugout on the 3rd base line.
  • GROUND RULES: When the ball is in play and is overthrown (CAUSING THE BALL TO GO OVER THE FENCE LOCATED DOWN EITHER FOUL LINE or CAUSING THE BALL TO ENTER THE DUGOUT AREA), the awarded bases will be determined by the last base established by the base-runner at the time of the throw. On an overthrow by a fielder, the player is awarded the base that s/he was going to, plus the additional base for the overthrow.
    • Example #1: If runner is between first and second base and the ball is overthrown, the runner is awarded second base for being on their way there, and is awarded third base for the overthrow;
    • Example #2 a hitter running to first base would be awarded first base plus second base, 1 + 1)  IN ALL OTHER OVERTHROW SITUATIONS (BOUNCING OFF OF THE FENCE OR OFF OF THE DUGOUT WALL OR REMAINING WITHIN THE CONFINES OF THE FENCE, THE BALL IS “LIVE” AND “IN PLAY”.

Base Running/Fielding

  • No fake tags.
  • A safety base is placed at first base to prevent collisions when a play is made at the base.  Runners are to use this base when running to first when a play is made at first base.  In the event a safety base is not available, run to the out-of-play side of the base with a play occurring at the base. 
  • There are no leadoffs for base runners; you must wait until contact with the ball is made first.  Base runners that leadoff should be given a verbal warning.  Any future lead offs in the same game by the same player is an automatic out.
  • No “head first” sliding at any base.  This is an automatic out.  A quick "dive-back" if the base was over ran, is allowed.
  • There is a "suicide-line" halfway between 3rd base and home plate. Once the runner has crossed this line, they cannot return to 3rd base. If they do, it is an automatic out.  The runner must continue on to home base.  A force out will always be-in effect-between 3rd base and home plate once the runner has crossed over the "suicide line".  
  • All plays at home plate are force-outs (the runner may not be tagged once he passes the commitment line). The catcher must tag home plate for plays at home.  Runners are responsible for avoiding collisions at home plate.
  • Courtesy runners shall be the player of the same sex who last recorded an out. If no player of the same sex has recorded an out, the player of the same sex listed last in the batting order shall be the courtesy runner.
  • The team is allowed one courtesy runner per sex per half inning. Additional courtesy runners may be allowed with approval from opposing team representative.


  • Batting Order will ALTERNATE BETWEEN ONE MALE AND ONE FEMALE until one gender is depleted. At this point the DEPLETED GENDER PLAYERS will be re-inserted into the lineup, keeping their previous batting order.
  • Either male or female may lead off the batting order.  All team members are to bat. 
  • Any ball that is pitched in an arc between 6-12’ in the air and lands on any part of the orange mat or between the home plate and the orange mat, it is considered a strike.  If the ball hits the plate it is ball.
  • The team batting order must be submitted to the umpire and score keeper before the start of each game.
  • After 1 home run (over the fence) per person and 4 home runs (over the fence) per team, OTF home runs become outs.
  • All batters enter the batter’s box with an automatic "one ball" and “one strike” pitch count.  This is to speed up the game.
  • There is no bunting or faking to bunt. However, a ball that is hit with a full swing, but does not go past the pitcher is a live, playable ball.
  • A foul ball hit as a third strike will be called “no strike” as a courtesy.  A fourth foul is an out. In other words, the second foul ball after two (2) strikes is an out. 
  • Umpires will be provided for each game.  The home team will keep the official scorebook and report game results to league officials. 


  • If a male player is walked in 3 consecutive pitches (that is a 3 consecutive balls, so it would be a 4 balls and 1 strike pitch count), he is awarded two bases and advances to second base.  All forced base-runners will advance as required by the batter’s placement.  If there is a strike called before the 3rd ball is pitched (that is for a 4-2 count), the male batter only advances to first base.
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