Apply to Live and Serve at Restoration
To apply, follow these steps in order:

Read and agree to the Supporting Documents in the Restoration Application Packet.

These are designed to help you make an informed decision about whether or not Restoration is right for you and if you are ready to make the necessary commitment. Please read through all of the Supporting Documents before calling or emailing questions to Restoration. Your questions will likely be answered in those documents.

  • If you still have questions call (765) 449-3770. You will be transferred to a voicemail where you can leave a message. We will do our best to get back to you within 48 hours.
  • Email questions to

Complete and submit the entire Restoration Application Packet with the signed Supporting Documents and signed Background Check.

The applicant should complete the application in his own handwriting. In signing the supporting documents and background check, select “Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries” and for Supervisor or Ministry Leader write, "Greg Wetterlin.”

Email completed applications to, or mail to:

Restoration Intake
5526 E State Rd 26
Lafayette, IN 47905

If the staff believes the applicant is a good fit, a phone interview will be scheduled with the applicant.

If the staff does not believe he is good fit, then they will let him know what he can do to become a good fit, or refer him to another program that may be able to serve him better.

After the phone interview, if the applicant is still deemed a good fit for the program, he will be given the second part of the application (Application Part 2) that will need to be completed and returned.

After Application Part 2 is completed and returned, and if the staff still believes the applicant is a good fit for the program, a move-in date will be scheduled.