Joe & Carlee's Stories

Joe: "The power of sin is great, but the grace of God is far greater. The grip of addiction is strong, but the blood of Christ is much stronger. My dependence on drugs controlled me, but now my dependence on Christ has given me freedom."

Carlee: "The Lord showed me that, if I was to be praying for God to work mightily in Joe's heart, that I would have to let Him work mightily in my heart as well."





Ben: "I turned aside from my faith...this path led to addictions, immorality, a criminal record, broken relationships, inability to retain a job, huge debt, and even the abortion of my own child."

Jared: “My story has been one of God’s grace not allowing me to bring glory to myself or give glory to vain idols.”

Tony: "Through the teaching I received at Restoration, the Lord opened my eyes to the realization that I need a personal relationship with the Lord. Christianity wasn't just rules."

Eric: "Before coming to Restoration, I struggled greatly with OCD, anxiety and alcoholism. At 18 years I went to see a psychiatrist. I thought I could find some relief there but was wrong."

Grant: "I was seriously addicted to these pills that I once saw as the perfect solution. However they had become the shackles that I chose to put on each morning as I deceived myself into thinking that I deserved to do things my way."




Ken: "In the clarity of God’s Word I see the extent of my slavery to sexual desire, but more vastly the wonder of God’s unfailing love and faithfulness."

Nick: "Before coming to Restoration I had been searching and pursuing money, drugs, girls and anything that I thought would bring me pleasure and joy. But the more I sought pleasure and joy in those things, the more unsatisfied and miserable I became."

Jonathan: "My marriage fell to my sexual addiction and idolatry. But, God showed me through the pain that He is the only one truly worthy of worship and that He will never break His promises."