Support Restoration

Restoration helps men who have often sought help from other places first. That means that the men coming to Restoration are difficult cases. We are grateful for your consideration and prayer in helping us as we seek to help the men God brings our way.

Financial Giving

One of the goals of Restoration is to train men to work diligently for God’s glory, meaning that their work produces real fruit and benefit not only for themselves but also others. Our conviction is that not only would the men’s work sustain Restoration, but that their work would be instrumental in helping them grow to become godly men fulfilling their God given purpose. While we work toward sustainability, we recognize that partners are a vital part of the ministry at this stage in development.

Thank you for prayerfully considering how God might want you to support us!

Give Now

We are humbled and grateful for the generosity of our supporters. If you would like to give toward this ministry, please follow the link below to our online platform. Or drop us a line if you have any questions.

Ways You Can Support Us

Material and In-Kind Gifts

If you have tools, equipment or even trees that may be good for sawing into lumber you can bless our ministry by donating them to us.

  • Power & wood working tools
  • Quick Attach attachments; trailers; machinery
  • Vehicles
  • Trees for our sawmill business
Living Expenses

We aim to make treatment at Restoration affordable for all residents and families, and we could not do this without your support. Please consider giving toward monthly living expenses for our residents in increments of $25, 50, 100, or 250 per month.

Work Expenses

The following projects and associated costs are at the top of our list for future development of our ministry:

  • Replacing our old 1980s John Deere Tractor ($25,000)
  • New Dust Collection System ($3,000)
  • Flatbed trailer (double axel, gooseneck) ($10,000)
  • Irrigation upgrades for our nursery ($15,000)
  • Office and Classroom supplies for teaching ($850)
Ministry Capacity

Our land is already plotted for over a dozen duplex properties. A gift of $220,000 would allow us to build another duplex and expand our outreach with 6 more men.


Please pray for the staff and volunteers of Restoration as well as the men in the program. The men coming here are dealing with significant trials and we need God to work mightily through their lives!


We need volunteers in many different areas, such as: Skilled labor, General labor, Running errands, Driving residents to appointments ...and more! There are even opportunities that would allow you to volunteer from your home.