Restoration Nursery is a landscape tree nursery located in Lafayette, IN with two goals: 1) provide high quality trees and service in order to serve our customers and community well and 2) provide support for the residents of Restoration Ministries.

We want men of all backgrounds and stages of life to have the opportunity to receive the help that can be found in God’s Word without putting a heavy financial burden on their families and loved ones. Meaningful hard work is a blessing and responsibility that God has charged men with, and Restoration Nursery provides an outlet for its residents to develop a God-honoring work ethic that, in turn, helps to provide financially for their training.

Restoration currently has 2 duplexes housing a maximum of 12 residents. But there are 2 more utility-ready lots on the property with 12 other lots that could be developed as the ministry grows. Restoration Nursery can help finance the future construction of more housing as well as save on the material costs by supplying and cutting our own lumber. God has begun an incredible work in changing the lives of men through our Restoration ministry, and we have faith that God will finish the good work He has started.

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Help Support the Work of Jesus

Restoration Ministries was founded to help men who are struggling with life-dominating issues to understand the truth of God’s Word and to equip them to live a disciplined life of integrity based on God’s instruction in the Bible.