Program & Structure

Restoration uses an 8-month program to serve men and their respective families. This program is structured, intentional, and designed to bring Christ into every area of life.

Four Pillars of the Program

The Study of Scripture

Faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God. Each day the men have both personal and group opportunities to study the Bible and learn the message of Jesus Christ.

Involvement in the Local Church

Each man is active in the ministries at Faith Church. This regular activity provides an opportunity to serve and to be served within the body of Christ.

Meaningful Work

Restoration is located on beautiful Bethany Farms where every man can enjoy God’s creation. He will also be able to enjoy one of the creation mandates: work. Men will be engaged both on the farm and in local businesses learning the value of work. Our goal is that each graduate understands, enjoys, and thanks the Lord for the gift of work.

The Importance of Biblical Counseling

Each man is formally counselled individually on a weekly basis. This ensures that the needs of each man can be appropriately addressed and that the program can be tailored to each individual situation. There are also group counseling sessions and informal counseling that occurs on a daily basis.


Each phase will embody the four pillars of the program

Application Phase

Duration: 30+ days 
$25 phone interview fee

In the initial phase, a candidate seriously considers whether or not Restoration is the program for him by reading all of the supporting documents and asking any questions not answered in those documents. Applicants may move forward by completing the full application and phone interview, and scheduling a move-in.

Phase 1

Duration: 6 weeks
$250 Phase 1 Fee

Every man who is accepted into the program enters into phase 1 upon arrival at Restoration, which is designed to provide a solid foundation of biblical teaching that will be absolutely necessary for men to change, as well as gauge the readiness and teach-ability of the men. Men will receive teaching and counseling, and work on the 100-acre property. At the end of this phase there are two primary paths:

  1. Men demonstrate they are teachable and willing to do whatever it takes to change and are moved into phase 2, or...
  2. Men do not demonstrate they are teachable or willing to do what it takes to change and are dismissed from the program.
Phase 2

Duration: 6 months
$200/month Phase 2 Fee

Teaching, counseling, church involvement, and individual devotions will continue to be a key emphasis as men seek to reconcile issues in their past and build upon the solid foundation learned in phase 1. Men will work in a local factory in order to help them learn how to work hard and demonstrate that they are employable upon graduation. Additionally, they will seek to repair the broken relationships in their past and make plans for being a part of a local church, working a regular job, and leading a home once they have graduated. 

Men who successfully complete phases 1 and 2 will graduate from the program and a graduation ceremony will be held by the church to celebrate their milestone.

Phase 3 [optional]

Duration: 9 months

Men may continue in phase 3 if they have graduated from the program and are invited back to participate. This phase is designed to further train men theologically and teach them skills for helping men out of addictions. They will continue to live at Restoration and be given many opportunities to further ground themselves theologically and help and assist in teaching, counseling and supervising the men going through the program.

Our vision is that Restoration would not only be a place that offers hope and help for men who are struggling, but also a place that is training faithful men who can then train and equip others (2 Timothy 2:2).

Time Commitment

Men who are seeking to be a part of Restoration need to commit upfront to 8 months at Restoration. Eight months may initially seem like a long time to be away from life at home, but this time will go very quickly. A commitment to stay and diligently work every day for 8 months on growing and changing is vital for success. 

Ready for Residency?

If you feel the program and structure is what you are looking for, please fill out an application. We look forward to hearing from you!