Bethany Farms


About Bethany Farms

Many years ago a Christian family designated 100 acres of property as Bethany Farms. The purpose of the property was to be a site for evangelical Christian ministry. In 2005 this family gifted Bethany Farms to Faith Church in order for Faith Church to carry out this same goal and purpose.

Since that time Bethany Farms has been used to serve missionary families on furlough. Families serving in Africa and Europe have found Bethany Farms to be a perfect setting to relax and rejuvenate for ministry. 

In addition, Faith Bible Seminary students have lived at Bethany Farms over the last nine years. As men, and their families, moved to Lafayette from other parts of the country to serve and learn they found Bethany Farms to be a wonderful place to live and think about our glorious Lord.

It is a joy using the property for the purpose it was given. We continue to use the property for a variety of ministries and activities. One component of the ministry is using the farm as a discipleship tool. It is a place to live, to work, to grow living things, and to care for a beautiful property. The donors wanted all 100 acres to be used for Christian ministry and we are excited all the various ministries that occur on the property.

Living and Serving at Bethany Farms

Faith Biblical Counseling Ministries (FBCM) exists to help men and women know and understand that God’s Word has help and answers for every area of life and every problem. However, sometimes the model of a single one-hour counseling session per week isn’t sufficient to help individuals struggling with various life challenges (removed like drug or alcohol addictions). Our conviction is that God’s Word and Jesus Christ still have the answers and power to free someone from life-dominating difficulties (remove addictions), but the model needs to be different.

As a result, FBCM offers a residential ministry for men 18 and over on a 100-acre property called Bethany Farms. This model allows men to move from their current environment and all the pressures it brings and allows them to focus on counseling, discipleship, and jobs training. 

Who Can Bethany Farms Help?

Because Bethany Farms is a faith-based ministry, the ideal candidate is a man who desires help from a faith-based ministry dedicated to individual counseling, group studies from the Bible, and a commitment to work. The man must desire a program that will help him change. Honesty with the staff and counselors is crucial as well as an openness to a new way of handling life.

Bethany Farms is open to both single men and married men. Those who wish to live and serve at Bethany Farms, whether married or single, should plan on a discipleship program that lasts 8 months.

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Health Issues

Bethany Farms has been and will be used for many ministries and activities. In addition, it is a beautiful rolling property with much work to be done to keep the property looking beautiful. Therefore, those who wish to be part of the discipleship ministry must be in good physical health. Individual counseling, group Bible studies, and manual labor will be included in the program. Therefore, everyone must be able to move and do activities without any physical assistance, and in general need limited medical attention. Therefore, Bethany Farms may not be suitable to men who need direct medical oversight.

Furthermore, since Bethany Farms is not a medical center, men who are seeking help for the abuse of alcohol or illegal substances may be required to go through a medically supervised detox program prior to acceptance to live and work in our discipleship ministry.

Pastor Greg Wetterlin and his wife, Erika, joined the Faith staff in July of 2016. Greg’s responsibilities include oversight of Bethany Farm’s men’s ministry and as well as shepherding and teaching in Faith Church.

If you have any questions, please contact Greg at 765-449-3770 or