About Faith Church
Who We Are

Faith Church is a family of followers of Jesus Christ who desire to honor God by applying His sufficient Word to all areas of life and ministry. We seek to do this by growing stronger, reaching out, serving together, meeting needs, and strengthening others.

Our Mission

The mission of Faith Church is to glorify God by winning people to Jesus Christ and equipping them to be more faithful disciples.

Our Motivation

We are motivated by the belief that God's Word is sufficient and that people who follow its life-changing message can bring glory to God.  We rejoice in the message of the cross - that people can be forgiven through the blood of Christ and restored to a personal relationship with God.

Our Values
  • Growing Stronger - believing that God has a plan for every Christian's growth and that He wants godly lives and families built.
  • Reaching Out - believing that a changed life enables us to reach those without Christ in a way that is faithful and creative. 
  • Serving Together - believing that God wants us to challenge and equip our members to serve Him, and that He wants every member serving. 
  • Meeting Needs - believing that our church should address community concerns by doing good works and sharing biblical truths. 
  • Strengthening Others - believing that God is pleased as we seek to strengthen other pastors, missionaries, and key lay leaders.
Our Heritage

In 2014 Pastor Viars preached a series of sermons on the Stewardship of Our Heritage that succinctly summarizes our rich legacy. Watch, listen to, or read those sermons by clicking on the title: