Intro to Faith Class

Introduction to Faith is designed to acquaint you with Faith Church and the various aspects of our ministry. The class is required for membership, but attending the class does not obligate you to join. 

What to Expect

You can ask any question you might have about the Bible, Christianity, our church, etc.  You will be introduced to the biblical truths that drive our philosophy and ministry.  This course is free and has simple weekly homework assignments.  

Pastor Viars will answer all your questions so you can decide if Faith is right for you and learn how you can get involved!

"Engaging with the pastors and others attending the class was huge for our family. We felt extremely loved throughout the process."
- Matt Wilburn

"Intro to Faith was the perfect way to answer the questions we had, giving us clarity in making our decision regarding membership. "
- John & Katherine Flora

"This is a great first step for anyone wanting to learn about the church's doctrine, leadership, and member expectations. "
- Todd Lewis

"We came away from Intro to Faith with a great feel for the pastoral staff, and by the end of the class we had made some new friends. "
- Linda Bonora

"This is part of the Faith's philosophy of not feeling like a "big" church - they make you feel welcome and part of the church right away."
- Craig Bonora

"This class helped us on our spiritual journey and in understanding how Faith spreads the word of God through the community."
- David & Kathy Marshall

"My wife and I attended together and met many new friends and a wonderful support group."
- Todd Lewis

Location and Childcare

Introduction to Faith classes are held at both Faith East and Faith West. During the school year, childcare is available through our nursery, Wednesday Night Kids of Faith, and Student Ministries. 

Children in preschool through 5th grade should be pre-registered if possible. During the summer, you can sign up for childcare when registering for the class

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